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Top 5 Strongest Characters for Every Tier 25

Continued from here

Prep Time is only allowed if the character gets its tier via that

Tier 0: N/A...?

Tier High 1-A: N/A?

Tier 1-A

1. Umr at-Tawil

2. Yakou Madara

3. SCP-3812 / Alovenas



Tier Low 1-A:

1. Azrael (Discworld)

2. Characters from Manifold Trilogy

3. Characters from Marvel Comics



Tier High 1-B:

1. The Numidium

2. Bai Xiaochun (Eternal World)




Tier 1-B:

1. Characters from I/O

2. Characters from Magi

3. Characters from Warhammer 40,000

4. Characters from SCP Foundatio


Tier High 1-C:

1. Mother Eater / The Six-Fold God

2. Characters from To Aru Majutsu No Index

3. Characters from Doctor Who

4. Characters from Gurren Lagann (Verse)


Tier 1-C:

1. Characters from Shin Megami Tensei and Characters from Digimo

2. Captain Adam

3. Akashic

4. Hanyuu Furude

5. The Star Maker

Tier Low 1-C:

1. YHVH (Shin Megami Tensei)

2. Thanatos (Dungeons and Dragons)

3. Q (Interface Series)

4. Lord of Nightmares

5. Narukana

Tier 2-A:

1. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

2. Oryx, the Taken King

3. Characters from BlazBlue

4. The Planeswalker

5. Characters from Wizard101

Tier 2-B:

1. Xue Ying

2. Characters from Destiny

3. Characters from Warhammer Fantasy

4. Characters from Tokyo Babel

5. Arceus

Tier 2-C:

1. Vecna (Speed Equalized)/Magnus the Red (Speed Unequalized)

2. Other characters from Dungeons and Dragons

3. The Dawn Machine

4. Chaos King / Downstreamers

5. Etrien Gnosos and The Nameless

Tier Low 2-C:

1. Characters from World of Darkness

2. Vivec

3. Fang Mu / Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

4. Chrysalis (Eternity Girl)

5. Lavos

Tier High 3-A:

1. Junko (Touhou Project) / D (Vampire Hunter D)

2. The Old Man of Wandering Mountai / Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel)

3. Ryouga Akizuki

4. Characters from Lord of the Rings (The Valar)

5. Yukari Yakumo

Tier 3-A:

1. Characters from Shinza Banshou

2. Xue Ying

3. D (Vampire Hunter D)

4. Characters from Kingdom Hearts


Tier 3-B:

1. Reinhard Heydrich

2. Fang Mu

3. Xue Ying

4. Meng Hao (Post Immortal Ascension)

5. Zhong Yue

Tier 3-C:

1. Arkadimo (Speed Unequalized) / Odin (Fortissimo) (Speed Equalized)

2. Avenger (Space Ishtar)

3. Uriel

4. The White Queen (Blood Sign)

5. Exdeath

Tier 4-A:

1. The Emperor of Mankind

2. Pelinal

3. Ynnead

4. Nicol Bolas

5. MetalPhantomo/Bai Xiaochu

Tier 4-B:

1. The Emperor of Mankind (Speed Equalized) / The Atlas (Speed Unequalized)

2. Oryx, the Taken King

3. Characters from Warhammer 40,000

4. Characters from Destiny

5. Doctor Strange (Speed Equalized) / Elder Tita (Speed Unequalized)

Tier High 4-C:

1. Characters from World of Darkness

2. Characters from Ergenverse

3. MetalPhantomo

4. Characters from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ke

5. Scion (Worm)

Tier 4-C:

1. Caine (World of Darkness)

2. Morgan Le Fay (The Librarians)

3. Artemis (Fate Series)

4. Baba

5. Hosuke Sharaku

Tier Low 4-C:

1. Xue Ying / Dark Samus

2. Characters from Enter the Gungeo

3. Other characters from Metroid

4. Flynn (Shin Megami Tensei)

5. HIM

Tier High 5-A:

1. Cthulhu (Cthulhu Saves the World) (Speed Equalized) / Ahzek Ahrima (Speed Unequalized)

2. The Apex Twins

3. Other Characters from Warhammer 40,000

4. Pink Panther

5. Characters from The Fairly OddParents!

Tier 5-A:

1. Reinhard Heydrich

2. Characters from BlazBlue

3. Methuselah

4. Characters from Nasuverse

5. Characters from American Gods

Tier 5-B:

1. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

2. Amakasu Masahiko and Nakiri Kuubou

3. Satan (Composite Devilman)

4. Dust of Osiris / Yhwach

5. Characters from To Aru Majutsu No Index (Accelerator, Fiamma of the Right, Coronzo, Nephthys, Aleister Crowley)

Tier Low 5-B:

1. Ultharathotep / Doom of Malan'tai

2. Amon (StarCraft)

3. Flemeth

4. Mummy the Resurrection

5. Fukurou Tsurubami

Tier 5-C:

1. Characters from Destiny

2. Atropus

3. Characters from Ergenverse

4. Queen Mami / Iihiko Shishime (Speed Unequal)


Tier High 6-A:

1. BOB

2. Vecna / Nanashi (Shin Megami Tensei) (Speed Unequal)

3. Characters from GetBackers

4. Phantaminum

5. Ainchase Ishmael (Herrscher Path)

Tier 6-A:

1. Characters from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ke

2. Satou (Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku)

3. Baal, The Gate of Hell

4. Commissioner R

5. Edelweiss

Tier High 6-B:

1. Characters from Shinza Banshou

2. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

3. D (Vampire Hunter D)

4. Golden King

5. Characters from Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Tier 6-B:

1. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons (Uvuudaum, Kezef the Chaos Hound, Zuggtmoy)

2. Helios (Silverio Trinity)

3. Ainchase Ishmael (Herrscher Path)


5. Tirnoch

Tier Low 6-B:

1. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons (Uvuudaum, Kezef the Chaos Hound, Zuggtmoy)

2. Characters from BlazBlue

3. Liliana Vess

4. Linley Baruch

5. LeBlanc

Tier High 6-C:

1. Neriscyrlas

2. D (Vampire Hunter D) / Characters from Nasuverse

3. Characters from Bleach

4. Mukuro Hoshimiya

5. Vel'Koz

Tier 6-C:

1. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons (Orcus, Demogorgo, Zuggtmoy, Balor)

2. Characters from Nasuverse

3. Rimuru Tempest (Light Novel) / Shion Yorigami (Speed Unequalized) / Devimo

4. Characters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki)

5. Animus (Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer)

Tier High 7-A:

1. Avatar of Calamity

2. Noah (Owari no Chronicle)

3. Linley Baruch / Rimuru Tempest and Diablo / Devimo

4. Characters from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ke / Characters from Super Smash Bros. (Speed Unequal)

5. Pennywise

Tier 7-A:

1. Characters from Shinza Banshou

2. Aleister Crowley

3. Kumoko / Lain Tendou (Speed Unequal)



Tier 7-B:

1. Characters from Shinza Banshou

2. Es

3. Homura Akemi

4. Grimm=Grimm

5. Nocturne

Tier Low 7-B:

1. Es

2. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

3. Characters from Earthbound

4. Arnos Voldigod

5. Naraku

Tier High 7-C:

1. Ragna the Bloodedge

2. True Dark Genie

3. Han Jee-Ha

4. Road Kamelot

5. Fra (Speed Equal) / Zhong Yue (Speed Unequal)

Tier 7-C:

1. Characters from Senshinka

2. Chrysalis (Eternity Girl)

3. Oersted

4. Nocturne

5. Merkava

Tier Low 7-C:

1. Hiroshi Miwa

2. Altair (Re:Creators) (Speed Equalized)

3. Zilea

4. Sacred Eclipse

5. Characters from League of Legends

Tier 8-A:

1. Oracle

2. Clockwork

3. Beiloune

4. Sacred Eclipse

5. Princess Marlene

Tier 8-B:

1. Characters from Destiny

2. Iihiko Shishime

3. Shigara Masami

4. Characters from Medaka Box


Tier High 8-C:

1. The Dunwich Horror

2. Demogorgo / Etrien Gnosos

3. Void Knight

4. Grimmo

5. Characters from Parahumans

Tier 8-C:

1. Culexus Assassins

2. Bouichirou Yamato

3. Nanashi (Shin Megami Tensei)

4. Noel Vermillio

5. D (Vampire Hunter D)

Tier 9-A:

1. Jill Presto

2. SCP-682

3. Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

4. The Player (The Magic Circle)

5. Yomika

Tier 9-B:

1. Enlil (I/O)

2. John Taylor

3. Characters from GetBackers

4. Hatou Manabu or Characters from Dungeons and Dragons

5. Cain (DC Comics)

Tier 9-C:

1. Ban Midou

2. Lucetta Quetzl / The Auditors of Reality (Speed Unequalized)

3. HABIT / Protagonist-ku (Speed Equalized)

4. Amari

5. Eztli-Tenoch

Tier 10-A:

1. Little Treasure

2. Characters from Instant Death (Yogiri Takatou and Aoi Hayanose)

3. Characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Giorno Giovanna, Rohan Kishibe, Funny Valentine, Weather Report)

4. Sabrina Spellma


Tier 10-B:

1. Tom Taylor

2. Molecule Ma

3. Hinata Himezuru

4. The Quantum Man (Mortebianca) / Dementia (Anima: Beyond Fantasy)

5. Yurika Tatsumiya (Speed Equalized) / Amari (Speed Unequalized)

Tier 10-C:

1. Culaina

2. Cueball (xkcd)

3. SCP-3930

4. Glaistig Uaine

5. Charles Xavier

Tier 11-A:

1. Characters from SCP Foundatio

2. Bill Cipher

3. Gomez (Fez)

4. The Boneless (Doctor Who)


Tier 11-B:

1. Disembodied Thought

3. King of Lineland

4. Queens of Lineland

Tier 11-C:

1. SCP-2747

2. SCP-3930

3. Monarch of Pointland

Tier Unknow:

1. Majestic Presence

2. Wally The God-Boy




Tier Varies:

1. SCP-2747

2. Yakou Madara

3. Characters from I/O

4. The Extra-Universal Gods


I do not know but it is true the gods of Ragnarock (I do not know how to write it) are at the level of fenry iirc which is infinitely H1C being these the first steps of the SuperGod tier (the guardians, the doctor with Prep time, the beast, ect)
ZacharyGrossman273 said:
Guardians are above beast and Fenric, gods of ragnarok are comparable to the beast and Fenric.
I know that the GoT are superior than fenry but I thought the beast was superior to fenry, but it turns out that it is just as good after all I just know some audio books, comic books, the show (only from the 8th doctor to the current one)

and warhammer has infinite superior dimensions? I mean scp characters have an absurd amount of higher dimensions but not infinite, so the question because apart from not knowing the verse
The Emperor is not 1-B tho, he's High 1-B/1-A

40K's 1-B are the Ork Gods, the Eldar gods, the C'thans and the Hive Mind
"High 1-B | High Hyperverse level: Characters who can universally affect, create and/or destroy structures whose size is equivalent to a countably infinite number of qualitative sizes above a universal model, usually represented in fiction by endless hierarchies of layers of existence, each succeeding one completely trivializing the previous into insignificance."

I feel like this very much fits the description of Magi's gods, with there always being a god on top and the ladder not having a stopping point
Remove Sacred Eclipse from 8-B since she is no longer in that tier and in Low 7-C change Caharacters from Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut to only Sacred Eclipse and I don't know how would she fare in 7-C.
I know I mentioned them in the last thread, but..

Characters from Dead By Daylight for 9-B. They would tie with Cain at the number 5 spot. Every 9-B character from the verse have a lot of hax such as soul hax, Immortality, etc.
Kung Fury for strongest 9-B. No one and i mean NO ONE can get past dat dura. Haxless characters with dura below City Block will feel the wrath of the thread being closed in terms of "Godstomp" if they ever try to fight Kung Fury.

Nah, I'm joking.
Never said he didn't. Nocturne doesn't nuke 7 timelines with one attack though. I don't know who would win between them personally, I was just saying what makes Odio strong.
Yeah if you have a technique or hax that can nuke infinite timelines or possibilities, I believe we are supposed to list that as AP. Ala all the Blazblue shenanigans?
So I'm putting this girl against the dude from Godspeed to see if she can take the spot: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/4033307
Akira... really doesn't seem that impressive in terms of hax, like, at all. Are we sure they're up with the strongest Godspeed characters? And if so, are we sure Godspeed would be in the top 5 for 8-A?
Amalda looks like she'd be a much better contender for 8-A by herself; Akira doesn't have anything too impressive.
Huh. Well in that case it should be fine. :p
Yeah Akira is more of a defenseive powerhouse than an offensive one, he basically ignored her strongest abilitiy and 2 shot her.
Alice resist law hax as most demon do. Again, SMT is under heavy revision that will probably never happen.