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Tony had a bad feeling about this "doctor". When he was called to investigate the sudden EMP, something was feeling off: Robotnik could be a bigger jerk than himself once was. And the way he talked about machines... Stark shuddered at the memory of Ultron. So once the man was gone into the field, it was time to investigate.

His security system was good, but nothing he couldn't handle. With a few tricks from F.R.I.D.A.Y., he was in... and took a quick look around his truck/lab. The smartass left his main computer open and unguarded. Tons of data lying around in the open, ready to be downloaded. Perfect. Tony sat down and his system overrode the doctor's; from there, obtaining all of his info was child's play.

- Pride comes before the fall - he muttered to himself.

- It sure does, mr. Stark.

He nearly fell out of the chair. The madman was there, in his black outfit and a look on his eyes where Tony could see annonyance, but satisfaction.

- Bold of you to try and invade my headquarters. I admit I underestimated you. But tell me: what kind of brilliant engineer and roboticist would I be if I didn't think of notifying myself of a break-in?

He grinned. Stark gave him a challenging stare.

- I'm not afraid of your little drones, Eggman.

- Nor am I of your armor, "Iron Man" ... which you seem to lack. - He cracked his knuckles. - So let's settle this like men, shall we?

Both are 9-C, Robotnik's 9-A machinery is restricted. Battle takes place inside Robotnik's truck, no prep time.
Only if he summons a Badnik, which has a Small Building AP. Against Tony's Wall level durability.

Problem is, Summoning hasn't been added to Eggman's profile yet (since the Movie's Discussion Thread was... ignored for a while).
I mean... Robotnik should be able to take quite a few hits from Tony. He should last long enough to call a Badnik...

Those things fly, don't they?
Joaco0902 said:
I mean... Robotnik should be able to take quite a few hits from Tony. He should last long enough to call a Badnik...
Those things fly, don't they?
They do. And the fight happens inside Robotnik's truck, where they are stored.
Tony gets teamed up on here. Egg probably takes this unless Stark can destroy the Badnik (Which he can't, because he has 9-C AP)
There's the issue: they're inside Robotnik's truck/lab. I don't think Eggman would deploy a Badnik there, since doing so could cost the destruction of his other tech.