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The Survivor vs Thanos (Fortnite).


The Survivor has an hour of Prep, a Pack of 6 Troodons and 2 of each of his 8-Cs.

Speed Equalized and both sides have Prior Knowledge.

The Survivor:
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I heavily approve of this.

Honestly for this battle i'd limit the creatures to only a few, since Thanos aint gonna be good with a swarm.
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I think he should only get some certain creatures, 1 of every creature in Ark is still a very large number of creatures.
There's a lot of creatures in Ark. Granted, while they only get into 8-C, Thanos isn't good with crowd control and a lot of them have their own abilities to deal with him in one way or another.
Ok, so The Survivor is much more versatile to start with. Which is gonna take Thanos some getting used to. Survivors prep may not do a huge amount since most of his turrets only get to 9-A, Traps could restrain Thanos tho.

One thing I forgot about in this match is that every time Thanos kills a dino, he's gonna heal. Which is gonna be hugely problematic for The Survivor.
The Survivors structures are also something Thanos is used to, with his AP advantage he's gonna bulldoze through any bases the Survivor creates, and the Healing upon killing Dinos is gonna be a major problem as most of the Survivors dinos are essentially fodder to Thanos.

The only thing the Survivor really has is his versatility, and incap via trapping or Sleep manip, which is also a possibility as a lot of his Sleep weaponry is ranged based, as are a lot of his 8-C creatures.

I'm not gonna vote yet but both sides have a decent chance of winning through different means.
They both have Prior Knowledge, but The Survivor was given an hour of Prep to make use of his knowledge better, so he at least has that going for him.