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The Gamer raiding Genius Scientist's dungeon. (Han Jee-Han VS Sento Kiryu)

A special quest has appear before Han to hunt down a furgitive that has been causing problem.

-Han is in his second Key while Sento is at Hazard level 3.9.

-Han have all of the items up to that point.

-Sento have all Full Bottles and Rabbit Tank Sparkling.

-Both is fighting in front of the Nacista coffee shop.

-Both are 30 meters apart.

-Sento start off in Rabbit Tank.

-Both are in-character.

Han Jee-Ha:

Sento Kiryu:
A question: Does Sento have DoctorGame?

If both are in Character, then the battle is gonna end with incapacitation or K.O. so the big question is: Who could put it first?
What is the main form to attacks of Han?

Depending of that Sento could use a combination of Fullbottles (Best Match or Trial) to counter it:

Hand to Hand? GorillaMond or HawkGatling for Example.

Range? Diamond's Halfbody power or Soujiki.
Genius stom....

Wait! that opponent is not easy to take him down. I was read his series on that webtoon, he is badass fighter and strategiest.
But I was read only in my country webtoon which followed later, I can't tell much about him, but something I know...

Most of his fight, he looks like middle-long range fighters with magic-based, combined skill&items or summoning something in combat. He can create skill himself and weapon mastery
Because of how Sento fights, he first will analize Han attacks and then utilize a form that could counter him. If he is a middle-long range fighter, then Sento will try to get the closest he can to trouble Han's attacks.

Does he has a special weapon or something?