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The Ancestor vs Mewtwo

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I'm prolly going to regret this but its too tempting.

So we are using their 5-A versions. Speed is equalised, standard battle assumptions otherwise.

Ancestor - 7

Mewtwo - 0

Inconslusive - 0
So off the bat, Ancestor has the AP advantage, but I don't really know what SHadow Mewtwo does. Biggest things for Ancestor here are gonna be duplication, invincibility, madness/mind manip, flaying, and void shields.
Wokistan said:
So off the bat, Ancestor has the AP advantage, but I don't really know what SHadow Mewtwo does. Biggest things for Ancestor here are gonna be duplication, invincibility, madness/mind manip, flaying, and void shields.
Starts with TK
Schnee One said:
Starts with TK
Considering that Mewtwo is 411.807 Yottatons to The Ancestor's >2.8 Ninatons, probably not going to end well for him.

Considering Mewtwo doesn't resist, Ancestor flays gg
basically this

It's biological manipulation, considering he's an avatar of the creator of earth and the attack name is "refashion them", and even if it wasn't, he's well within oneshoting range.
Flaying is a term for removal of the skin. It's not a specific name of the attack, that's just what it does. It's called either Refashion Them or Unmake Them All.
Tfw Mewtwo thread with your character in it is neglected in favor of the other one

Also yeah I'll vote ancestor for now, via superior AP combined with invulnerability letting him survive mreteo's opening shot while Mewtwo won't be able to say the same.
Stat reduction stuff kinda doesn't get by his invulnerability, which that would definitely count as.
Alternatively Mewtwo goes for TK in character and gets flayed

Or he does go for that and gets flayed anyways
The real cal howard said:
And has the regen necessary to survive being flayed.
Low Mid... actually yeah that's probably enough to regen from being reduced to a skeleton so long as it doesn't effect the brain. And the Ancestor hasn't been shown to be able to do that.

Ancestor would then need to unleash M A D N E S S which Mewtwo doesn't resist
He should be able to get past low mid with that sort of AP gap. Remember that all he needs to strip away all that flesh is a mere gesture. Also, mewtwo's page only says it's from wounds that "look fatal", with something that vague I can't assume it's gonna be better than having all your flesh torn off like Ancestor does.
Ancestor's probably more along the lines of slightly below or even to the 3ish ninatons though, as he fought the entire party that killed the hesrt that's possibly close to being strong enough to do it's feat by waking up.
Dragonmasterxyz said:
Cal remember ....Shadow Mewtwo isn't a composite Mewtwo.
Oh heck now I feel bad

5-B vs 5-A anyone?
That's 7 votes, grace shall begin.
Considering that Ancestor's an offshoot of the HoD at this point, and that thing destroys the planet just by waking up (the 5-A feat that the ancestor confusingly scales to), as well of his knowledge of this eldrich world of aliens from beyond star systems and whatnot, probably.
Not really

he can however flay him by lifting his arm as Mewtwo lifts his arm to throw his bicc ball
Some conflicting reports here
Wokistan said:
(the 5-A feat that the ancestor confusingly scales to)
Insert arguing in circles about how The Heart of Darkness shouldn't be at exactly 9.3071271e+-23 times it's full strength considering the notion that you have like Billions of years to wait considering it's strength progression would be extremely lame
Generic fatal injury doesn't sound as good as having your flesh stripped from your bones. What's his feat?
Regenerated from a destroyed lung/heart. By flesh stripped from your bones, do you mean skin removal or nothing but a skeleton? If the latter, then gg Mewtwo.
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