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Son Gohan vs Shimrra Jamaane

Boi I was so close to roasting your butt for making this match, but you're lucky this time pal. OvO
Due to this dude being a Vahn he's immune to Force abilities.

Unfortunately every Star Wars character barring Revan and 21 Hax stomp DB to hell
Gohan does not really have that much experience.

The only two times he won in canon at this point is against super perfect cell and super buu.

I will come back to this, but that is a very bad reasoning for someone to win imo.

Who has higher AP? @Garg
Theglassman12 said:
He does have experience kinky. He's been training since he was 4 years old.
Yeah, lets go over it

Kidnapped by Raditz

Destroyed by Nappa and even almost killed by a Saibaman

Did well at first, but later stomped by Guldo + Recomme.

Rage Power against Second Form Freeza, didnt do anything and was also later stomped

Didnt do anything the entire android saga.

Yeah, if there is an experience factor, I am not seeing it.

Although I will give Gohan that he probably does have the better range and is smarter (maybe...)
Well Gohan likely takes this via flight, range via ki blasts, rage boost, energy sensing, and hand to hand combat experience.
@Kinky it does give him a higher AP. It's shown numerous times in the series that his power increases dramatically.
Theglassman12 said:
@Kinky it does give him a higher AP. It's shown numerous times in the series that his power increases dramatically.
Oh no, I mean in comparison to Shimrra.

I am assuming they are both kilofoe, sooo yeah.

But havent found a source for his ap.

For all we know. Shimrra one shots.