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shimrra jamaane

  1. NostalgiaTrip

    The Scepter of Power

    The Scepter of Power isn't just sentient, it's a living breathing being. It has the shape of a snake. The Vong warriors bond with them from the moment they break off their polyps. The short story... is that they are fiercely loyal to those who they are bonded to.
  2. NostalgiaTrip

    The Borg vs The Yuuzhan Vong

    In the battle of technology vs organic... who reigns supreme. No outside help allowed. Have at it. PS: Can we get a page for the Yuuzhan Vong? We already have one for their leader.
  3. NostalgiaTrip

    Plants Destroyed Calc

    So the official wiki says that the Yuuzhan Vong were responsible for the destruction of 365 trillion sentient beings. When you divide that by the number of people living on the Earth today, 9 billion... it means that they conquered/destroyed over 40,000 planets.
  4. Schnee_One

    Son Gohan vs Shimrra Jamaane

    Ever asked me too. Speed is Equal, Buu Saga Gohan. Shimrra Jamaane: Goha: