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Something about Othinus

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Disclaimer. This is coming from someone who knows 3 anime episodes worth of To Aru. Anyway, apparently people have the opinion that Othinus is 2-A, and that our profiles are outdated. So I checked ACF, and it turns out she's 2-A there, which unfortunately was the only thing I could read, so if there was any information there, I couldn't read it. So it got me wondering, is she actually 2-A? If this has been discussed to death, my bad. As I said earlier, I know next to nothing about TAMNI.
Technically, she should be 2-C for wiping just one of them. But since the canon said that their's no such thing as a multiverse, probably the universe they're talking about is 5 dimensional, so she is tier 2-A... i think.
It has been discussed to death a bit more than a year ago, actually.

I don't know why exacty ACF wiki ranks her as they do, but here a few ideas why:

"Thor ruled a single world while Othinus created infinite worlds."

That quote exists. But in the greater picture the worlds here likely refers to planets (since thor rules a single planet) or to othinus recreating the universe as often as she likes (more unlikely, but fits the infinite hell part).

Then there is

"The walls of all the phases were crushed, transformed into a swirl of deadly weapons resembling sharp shards of glass, and approached their pitiful target as if to swallow him whole.

Everything was ripped up.

The black labyrinth, which had used up all of its possibilities, showed itself.

Magic God Othinus had the ability to create, so she was technically not destroying anything. This may have been a change brought about by adding a new phase into the world. "

That one, that states that all phases were crushed. From what I get from the translation of their page that is what they rank from.

Well, for one thing as the quote itself states at the end (which is why I copied it until that point) is that not necessarily all phases were crushed, but that othinus as god of creation likely only made it look that way by adding a new one.

The other thing is that a "phase" isn't exactly a universe, though in detail that is a bit complicated.

Lastly they say something about 11-Dimensional space, but while it is true that to aru has confirmed the existence of 11 dimensions, the magic gods were never mentioned to manipulate them and neither was said that all 11 dimensions should be counted to be part of the universe. (that would also be more than 2-A, so....)
The ACF also does not have quite the same system as we do. I think that their 2-A is 100 up to an infinite number of universes.
Yeah, that's probably because some difference on the tiering system. The only things I can think of that would change Othinus's tiering would be treating all the world's phases as individual universes (which is not accurate since we have no clue about most of their structures besides the real world's, the Hidden World's and a bit of Heaven and Hell's) or assuming that she erased more than one timeline, which there's no proof of. Accepting any of those two would only put her as 2-C by our system. Of course there's the 11 dimensions of Toaru's world, but as DontTalk mentioned, there's no proof the Magic Gods messed with higher dimensions.
Alright. Thanks, you guys. Wanted to get as much info on this as I could. I'll close this now.
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