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Silverfish CTR + problem with Endermen

I'm going to say it. This profile is all kinds of messed up right now. And given that it scales to all the low tiers, it needs to be fixed.

The first glaring issue isn't the AP. That is a different problem we'll get to later. The first issue is the Mid-level Regenerationn. I truly have no idea where this is coming from, and ought to be removed.

The second glaring issue is the AP. We're getting Small Building level for the silverfish violently fragmenting a cubic meter of stone. This is taken out of context. By the time a silverfish can violently fragment a cubic meter of stone, it's already burrowed into it and compromised its structural integrity. I'm not sure how you would go about recalculating it, need some calc group help on that.

The third glaring issue is the reaction speed. The Silverfish is stated to be comparable to the Enderman, which isn't correct. The Enderman can teleport out of the way of an arrow at point blank range, hence their high reaction speed, while Silverfish can do nothing of the sort. Nothing else in the game has reaction speed even remotely on the Enderman's level, and there is no reason for anything to scale.

The fourth glaring issue is the Silverfish. Huge downplay here, there's actually a list of all the maximum speeds of Minecraft mobs on the wiki. You can find it by taking the mob's generic.movementSpeed value and multiplying it by 43. Doing that, we can get a speed of 10.75 m/s for the Silverfish, which is Peak Human.

T╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠Âf╠Âi╠Âf╠Ât╠Âh╠ ╠Âg╠Âl╠Âa╠Âr╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Âi╠Âs╠Âs╠Âu╠Âe╠ ╠Âi╠Âs╠Ân╠Â'╠Ât╠ ╠Âw╠Âi╠Ât╠Âh╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠ÂS╠Âi╠Âl╠Âv╠Âe╠Âr╠Âf╠Âi╠Âs╠Âh╠Â,╠ ╠Âi╠Ât╠Â'╠Âs╠ ╠Âw╠Âh╠Âa╠Ât╠ ╠Âi╠Ât╠ ╠Âs╠Âc╠Âa╠Âl╠Âe╠Âs╠ ╠Ât╠Âo╠Â.╠ ╠ÂT╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠ÂE╠Ân╠Âd╠Âe╠Âr╠Âm╠Âa╠Ân╠ ╠Âg╠Âe╠Ât╠Âs╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠Âv╠Âa╠Âl╠Âu╠Âe╠ ╠Âb╠Ây╠ ╠Âp╠Âe╠Âr╠Âc╠Âe╠Âi╠Âv╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Âa╠Âr╠Âr╠Âo╠Âw╠Âs╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âa╠Ât╠ ╠Âa╠Âr╠Âe╠ ╠Âm╠Âo╠Âv╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Âa╠Ât╠ ╠Â1╠Â0╠Â0╠ ╠Âm╠Â/╠Âs╠ ╠Âa╠Ân╠Âd╠ ╠Âd╠Âo╠Âd╠Âg╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠Âm╠ ╠Âa╠Ât╠ ╠Âp╠Âo╠Âi╠Ân╠Ât╠ ╠Âb╠Âl╠Âa╠Ân╠Âk╠ ╠Âr╠Âa╠Ân╠Âg╠Âe╠Â.╠ ╠ÂT╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âw╠Âr╠Âo╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Âb╠Âe╠Âc╠Âa╠Âu╠Âs╠Âe╠ ╠Âw╠Âe╠ ╠Âh╠Âa╠Âv╠Âe╠ ╠Âa╠ ╠Âs╠Âp╠Âe╠Âe╠Âd╠ ╠Âf╠Âo╠Âr╠ ╠ÂM╠Âi╠Ân╠Âe╠Âc╠Âr╠Âa╠Âf╠Ât╠ ╠Âa╠Âr╠Âr╠Âo╠Âw╠Âs╠Â:╠ ╠Â5╠Â3╠ ╠Âm╠Â/╠Âs╠ ╠Â.╠ ╠ÂE╠Âi╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠Âr╠ ╠Âw╠Âe╠ ╠Âg╠Âo╠Ât╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âv╠Âa╠Âl╠Âu╠Âe╠ ╠Âb╠Ây╠ ╠Âs╠Âc╠Âa╠Âl╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Âo╠Âf╠Âf╠ ╠Âo╠Âf╠ ╠Âr╠Âe╠Âa╠Âl╠ ╠Âa╠Âr╠Âr╠Âo╠Âw╠Âs╠ ╠Â(╠ÂM╠Âi╠Ân╠Âe╠Âc╠Âr╠Âa╠Âf╠Ât╠ ╠Â=╠Â/╠Â=╠ ╠Âr╠Âe╠Âa╠Âl╠ ╠Âl╠Âi╠Âf╠Âe╠Â.╠ ╠ÂN╠Âo╠ ╠Âi╠Âd╠Âe╠Âa╠ ╠Âw╠Âh╠Ây╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âw╠Âo╠Âu╠Âl╠Âd╠ ╠Âb╠Âe╠ ╠Âa╠Âc╠Âc╠Âe╠Âp╠Ât╠Âe╠Âd╠Â)╠ ╠Âo╠Âr╠ ╠Âi╠Ân╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠ÂS╠Âu╠Âr╠Âv╠Âi╠Âv╠Âa╠Âl╠ ╠ÂT╠Âe╠Âs╠Ât╠ ╠Â(╠ÂI╠ ╠Âr╠Âe╠Âm╠Âe╠Âm╠Âb╠Âe╠Âr╠ ╠Âa╠Âr╠Âr╠Âo╠Âw╠Âs╠ ╠Âb╠Âe╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Âm╠Âu╠Âc╠Âh╠ ╠Âf╠Âa╠Âs╠Ât╠Âe╠Âr╠ ╠Âi╠Ân╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠ÂS╠Âu╠Âr╠Âv╠Âi╠Âv╠Âa╠Âl╠ ╠ÂT╠Âe╠Âs╠Ât╠Â?╠ ╠ÂT╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âh╠Âa╠Âs╠ ╠Âs╠Âi╠Ân╠Âc╠Âe╠ ╠Âb╠Âe╠Âe╠Ân╠ ╠Âu╠Âp╠Âd╠Âa╠Ât╠Âe╠Âd╠ ╠Âi╠Âf╠ ╠Âm╠Ây╠ ╠Âm╠Âe╠Âm╠Âo╠Âr╠Ây╠ ╠Âs╠Âe╠Âr╠Âv╠Âe╠Âs╠ ╠Âm╠Âe╠ ╠Âr╠Âi╠Âg╠Âh╠Ât╠Â.╠ ╠ÂE╠Ân╠Âd╠Âe╠Âr╠Âm╠Âe╠Ân╠ ╠Âw╠Âe╠Âr╠Âe╠Ân╠Â'╠Ât╠ ╠Âe╠Âv╠Âe╠Ân╠ ╠Âa╠Âd╠Âd╠Âe╠Âd╠ ╠Âd╠Âu╠Âr╠Âi╠Ân╠Âg╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âe╠ ╠ÂS╠Âu╠Âr╠Âv╠Âi╠Âv╠Âa╠Âl╠ ╠ÂT╠Âe╠Âs╠Ât╠Â,╠ ╠Âs╠Âo╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âm╠Âo╠Âo╠Ât╠ ╠Âa╠Âs╠ ╠Âw╠Âe╠Âl╠Âl╠Â)╠Â.╠ ╠ÂI╠Ât╠Â'╠Âs╠ ╠Âs╠Ât╠Âi╠Âl╠Âl╠ ╠ÂS╠Âu╠Âb╠Âs╠Âo╠Ân╠Âi╠Âc╠Â,╠ ╠Âb╠Âu╠Ât╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Ân╠Âe╠Âe╠Âd╠Âs╠ ╠Ât╠Âo╠ ╠Âb╠Âe╠ ╠Âu╠Âp╠Âd╠Âa╠Ât╠Âe╠Âd╠Â.╠ See comments below.
If anyone asks whether the structural integrity is really compromised, I offer you this:

- Infested blocks have a blast resistance of 0.75. Stone has a blast resistance of 6.

- Infested blocks break instantly in Java Edition.
I know where the 100m/s value come from. It is the terminal velocity of an arrow, which is possible to obtain if you shoot the arrow straight down from really high up. And the Enderma can dodge that. Infested blocks having a much lower blast resistance than stone just proves that the Silverfish did violently fragment the stone, making it much weaker, or else why would the blast resistance decrease?
Oh, okay. That takes care of the Enderman issue then.

The infested blocks already have a silverfish inside them, which takes up a majority of the space within the block (note the size of a silverfish compared to a block). The violent fragmentation doesn't happen when the silverfish infests a block, it happens when a silverfish busts out of a block.

The lower blast resistance can be chalked up to having this enormous insect inside it, making the block partially hollow and easier to blow up. Infested blocks breaking instantly also indicates compromised structural integrity.
Infested blocks don't break instantly, but they do break faster with bare hands than stone. If the silverfish didn't fragment or violently fragment the stone, how can it sqeeze into the stone?
The mid level Regenerationn comes from the Silverfish regenerating completely after busting out of the stone block. It's actually because the game spawns a new entity, so it should probably be game mechanics.
Oops. Misinterpreted this . It does break twice as fast barehanded though, so I'm not entirely sure we have a rational explanation for that. May be game mechanics. Need more input.

Looked for a Mobestiary entry online, found this . Turns out it's confirmed that they enter the block by burrowing into it, even though there's no visible entry/exit points in-game. So we would need to calculate how much energy it would take for a silverfish to violently fragment a stone block from the inside, with a significant portion of it already missing. I'm willing to wager it's not much.

The game spawning a new entity would be game mechanics. Does it carry over NBT tags (IE if I name a silverfish and it burrows into a block, does the new silverfish that spawns have that name as well)?
No, the new entity does not carry over NBT tags. And AP is energy, not force, so you'd also need to calc how long of a distance that force was applied over.