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So, yeah. Guess Shantae is gonna fight most of the secondary One Piece characters. She's already beaten the Coward Trio and is likely gonna lose to Robin, but let's see how well Brook does.

Speed Equalized, Post-Timeskip Brook, Fight happens in Fuyuki City


Vanishing Cream turns her both invisible and intangible, lasts as long as she has mana and she can still attack while it's active.
^ Yeah, I actually thought that lmao.

Edit: @Apies I meant what kind of intangibility does it grant.
Immaterial, I'd say then.

Aaaaanyway, like in the previous thread, with a videogame character we can't assume they would go with the perfect combo from the beginning, so Brook has plenty of time to defend himself.
Brook's music use is occasional. He uses it against enemies outnumbering him, but he's a clever person who can take advantage of gullible opponents.

He tricked Giolla into making her believe he fell into the 'art mood' to slash her. If he notices Shantae enjoys dancing he will use his music for her.
Shantae really only dances for her transfromations (which are mostly traversal) and to earn money in the first game. Other then that she really doesn't do much dancing. Most of her combat options aren't dance based.
She might try an trick him, thinking he's foolish when really he isnt, but he thinks shes foolish when she starts dancing, only for them both to be surprised by each others tactics..
In fact Brook does not lead with his musical powers, but with sword and physical attacks. If he had the opportunity to cut Shantae once, it would be enough to freeze her blood flow. Brook can also destabilize enemies by freezing the ground or they weapons. Brook is also probably as skilled in fencing as Ryuma (Zombie) was, since Ryuma has his shadow. Brook is agile enough to dodge attacks without even seeing them, his body also ensures better movement due his body weight.

If that doesn't work, then he would have to be forced to use his musical resources, and I believe he would win the fight quite easily in this scenario. Basically everything here is metaphysical. He could use Broadway Force to make her dance and then cut her after that, he can induce sleep, can create illusions inside her mind and thus leaving her out of combat, can manipulate the souls of others and probably absorb them. Anyway, voting for Brook.
He wins via musical powers, if she can get off invincibility shield quickly Brook can freeze her blood, freezing her weapons is pointless as she can just summon more

Vanishing Cream would make her difficult to track

A special cream that renders Shantae completely invisible to enemy sight and perception. Has limited time of use.

So she cant be seen or heard I presume going by the definition of perception. any kind of sensory information gathered from the sense organs wouldnt work going by this description.

Also I forgot but Shantae resists mind manipulation.