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Shalltear Bloodfallen runs a gauntlet on the Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.

I just want to know how strong she is compared to them and what place she would be if she was implemented.
aren't they like, at least comparable to servants?

so they would be 6-C, and one shot

if you mean she would be of comparable strength when plopped in, then idk
How strong she is compared to them: She's roughly 1% the strength of any average frontline Servant, who are comparable to the average Dead Apostle Ancestor.

What place she would be: Bottom.
Taking this seriously now... what if Shalltear were at least 6-C physically with High 6-C special attacks, and she was to fight her way up from the 27th DAA to the 1st DAA sequentially 1-on-1?

TL;DR it's possible for her to get to 17th but 16th hard counters her.

• The 27th, Caubac Alcatraz, is one that she couldn't even fight much less likely defeat, but she doesn't have to do either because he's voluntarily trapped in his BOX LABYRINTH and doesn't care to come out, so he forfeits by default.

• The 26th and 25th are unknown, so they forfeit by default.

• The 24th, El Nahat, is sealed by the Burial Agency, but even if he were released she can possibly resist his mutual erasure with her World Item, so she likely passes this level.

• The 23th and 22nd are unknown, so they forfeit by default.

• The 21th, Sumire, is largely unknown. She possesses Marble Phantasm, which is a powerful ability, but it's still possible that Shalltear could pass this level.

• The 20th, Merem Solomo, is pretty powerful, capable of killing one of Altrouge's bodyguards, at the cost of his own life. His Four Great Demon Beasts are all about as powerful as a Dead Apostle Ancestor on their own, although they lack the same level of supernatural hax as them. They exist independently from Merem and don't disappear when he is killed, but if they are destroyed Merem can recreate them. However, it's still possible for her to pass this level.

• The 19th is unknown, so they forfeit by default.

• The 18th, Enhance, has the Holy Burial Artillery Scripture, which as the name suggests Shalltear would be naturally weak to. However, Enhance lacks the supernatural abilities of other Ancestors and is relatively weak compared to the others. It's possible for her to pass this level.

• The 17th, Trhvmn Ortenrosse, is the "quintessential vampire" who possesses no unique abilities due to believing that it is not necessary, feeling that one should simply excel at being a vampire. As such, while he is undoubtedly very powerful due to his position as the 17th, Shalltear should have a hax advantage here. Still, this would likely be a close battle even then, simply due to Ortenrosse's sheer conventional power. She can possibly pass this level.

• The 16th, Gransurg Blackmore, is considered to be Ortenrosse's equal in both history and ability. What makes him different, however, is key: Gransurg's Reality Marble, it creates a "world of absolute darkness and death", by creating a canopy of "death wings" that swallows up and covers the sky. Any undead that Gransurg targets with the Reality Marble is destroyed without leaving a single drop of blood or damaging the surroundings. Gransurg used this ability to annihilate the former Sixteenth Dead Apostle Ancestor and his clan of one hundred Dead Apostles. This is essentially the OVERLORD world equivalent to an anti-undead World Class Item. With this anti-undead Reality Marble, Gransurg utterly annihilates Shalltear to the level that none of her physically remains. Shalltear does not pass this level.

• The 15th, Rita Rozay-en, is pretty much unknown. She's probably really strong but I don't know what the **** she does so we'll just let Shalltear pass this level for the sake of argument.

• The 14th, Van-Fem, is a puppet master who created seven golems called demonic castles. He's very strong, although how strong is hard to tell exactly. We'll just let Shalltear pass this level for the sake of argument.

• The 13th, TATARI, depends on the version. If it's vampire Sion Eltnam Atlasia, she might be able to pass this level as long as she doesn't get directly hit by Black Barrel, since Black Barrel outputs Regenerationn-negating toxin and attack power in proportion to the target's natural lifespan—and Shalltear has immortality type 1 so her natural lifespan is infinite. But if it's Night of Wallachia... even if TATARI couldn't kill Shalltear in a particular night (and it can potentially kill her), Shalltear can't kill the actual TATARI whatsoever (due to it having immortality type 8, abstract existence, and mid-godly Regenerationn), she can only destroy the individual "rumors" brought to life by it. Shalltear can survive this level, since TATARI usually only appears for one night every hundred years or so, but she can't "pass" this level. If we're talking Dust of Osiris, she has all of the benefits of Night of Wallachia with even more powers and way better feats, so Shalltear does not pass this level.

• The 12th is unknown, so they forfeit by default.

• The 11th, Stanrobe Calhin, is already a ghost, but is still nearly as powerful as he was as a physical Dead Apostle Ancestor. He is mostly unknown, however. We'll just let Shalltear pass this level for the sake of argument.

• The 10th is either Louvre or Nrvnqsr Chaos. If it's Louvre, she passes this level because Louvre's intentionally pathetic for a DAA. If it's Nrvnqsr Chaos, she has no way of killing Chaos unless he does something monumentally stupid (due to his immortality type 8 from Lair of the Beast King), and Soil of Genesis will definitely incapacitate her due to its continent level durability. She does not pass this level.

• The 9th, Altrouge Brunestud, can probably destroy Shalltear fairly casually, given she can fight the likes of a full-power Arcueid Brunestud to a standstill. She likely does not pass this level.

• The 8th, Fina-blood Svelten, is largely unknown, but considered extremely powerful even by Apostle standards. However, we'll let Shalltear pass this level for the sake of argument.

• The 7th, Forest of Ainnash, is tricky. She might be able to destroy it, but it's a tall order for her. Anything unfortunate enough to find itself inside within the forest of instruments of death is collectively attacked by the trees and plants, acting like free-form weapons, from all angles, and even something as large as Merem Solomon's two hundred meter Daemon of the Right Leg is completely swarmed and covered within a minute. The only way to remain safe is to destroy the trees down to their roots to keep it from moving in a particular area. The air can also become poisonous to cut off all escape those who enter, so all who have been caught have never survived. The entire forest is a living being unable to be killed by normal concepts, and its core is impossible to find due to the constant movement of the forest. Its size is not incredibly large, but it is not possible to locate something that does not stay in place within the time it stays manifested. This one is hard to call, but I think she would likely be unable to kill Forest of Ainnash, so she probably does not pass this one?

• The 6th, Rizo-Waal Strout, is largely unknown, but considered extremely powerful even by Apostle standards. Additionally, he is thought to be "invincible" due to his "curse of time", so he likely outlasts Shalltear with his timehax Regenerationn. She likely does not pass this one.

• The 5th, ORT (Type Mercury), can casually oneshot Shalltear and no-sell any of her attacks by doing nothing. ORT's attack power and durability are insane even for a DAA. She's not passing this level.

• The 4th, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, very likely just rainbow jewel excaliblasts Shalltear into oblivion. His AP even in weakened form is much higher than her durability would be. She's very unlikely to pass this level.

• The 3rd, Brunestud of the Crimson Moo, stomps hard for the same reasons as ORT does. She's not passing this level.

• The 2nd, The Dark Six, are largely unknown, as it has not reached one-hundred percent completion and is currently resuscitating. I guess that means Shalltear technically passes this round by means of forfeit?

• The 1st, Primate Murder, is comparable to the 5th, ORT, and the 3rd, Crimson Moon, and therefore stomps pretty hard. It's technically Beast IV, so it scales directly to characters like Tiamat, Goetia, Kiara Sessyoi, and Kama/Mara. She's not passing this level.

• BONUS ROUND: Can Shalltear defeat EX Ancestor, Michael Roa Valdamjong?

...No, probably not. Shalltear unfortunately doesn't resist the one element Roa spams, lightning, and Roa has a really strong grasp of magecraft in both Elesia and true body keys. He has knowledge of Church Sacraments, which are especially effective on vampires. He has a spell called "Square" which given his main magic involves numerology (AKA meaningful sequences of numbers) possibly literally squares the output of his spell (as in, spell^2). And his Reality Marble "Overload" automatically applies the Square effect to all of his spells, including Square (so his spells would be automatically spell^2, and applying Square^2 to them would make them spell^4, which is pretty ******* busted as a damage boost). And even if she somehow managed to kill him, she doesn't have soul manipulation, so he reincarnates years later anyways and she can't permanently put him down. She's very unlikely to pass this level.

...Granted, she could handily defeat him in his SHIKI body, but that's an incomplete manifestation that only reaches 9-A, and thus doesn't count here.
thanks for the reply.

What if we take shalltear and make her a servant of the lancer class and have her fight them then?
I am sorry if my opinion is biased but why are servant high hypersonic? the best feats i have seen are high supersonic to mid hypersonic in a burst.
Lovarg said:
What if we take shalltear and make her a servant of the lancer class and have her fight them then?
I dunno, since that would basically require us to assume statistics to the point of essentially making shit up; but regardless of being a Lancer, she probably still stops at the 16th given he still hard counters her innate nature as a vampire.

Lovarg said:
I am sorry if my opinion is biased but why are servant high hypersonic? the best feats i have seen are high supersonic to mid hypersonic in a burst.
Multiple feats support Mach 100+ Nasuverse characters, enough of them that one can't simply dismiss them as an outliers without showing blatant bias against what are otherwise relatively consistent showings.

Old Fate/Zero fight calc that, if redone using 1000 fps (which is the "framerate" where it's impossible for the human eye to capture any movement at all, rendering the characters truly invisible to the eye), results in a speed of 42,890 m/s, or Mach 125+.

Fate Strange Fake Gilgamesh Reaction Feat

Proto Gil's Projectile Speed

Hansa Slices Rubble to Dust (Hansa also has a feat of casually plucking loads of bullets out of the air that hasn't been accurately calced to the best of my knowledge but supports casual high hypersonic combat speed for combat-focused magi and similar human characters, given Hansa himself acknowledges that he's far below Servants and Dead Apostle Ancestors and doesn't even consider himself to be top-tier for humans either)

Enkidu Enuma Elish Speed

These are just the ones I could find at a moment's notice. However, I feel this should be enough.
Ok thanks I just wanted to know. I must ask does someone here calculate the feats in Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia? They have good feats i think.