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SCP: Minor Foundation Upgrades And A Question


VS Battles
Content Moderator
So shouldn't they have Social Influence ?

Clef has it in his profile so...

Also what about Underwater Breathing Type 3 ?
The Foundation has access to diving gear

Foundation Personal section in powers should have resistance to memory manipulation added due to Dr. Blaster countering SCP-483 effects

"Note: I've always been paranoid about memetic and mind-altering effects. Lucky for me, my countermeasures saved my memory from the overdose. Unfortunately, however, I've lost my clearance, seniority, staff, awards, retirement date, and the opportunity to have my aging mother ever recognize me again. Fixing at least some of these problems would be simple; that is, if anyone knew who the hell I was! That's the last time I get a rookie to draw up an experimental procedure for me, goddamn it. - Dr. Blast"

As for the question, should we add dado's pills and his other products to the SCP section of powers since The Foundation has access to them and could probably replicate the pills via SCP-038? If yes that'd be a big add on and would probably also add a new AP Key through SCP-3521 with the sheer amount of bananas which can easily damage buildings depending on where they spawn
This looks fine, except underwater breathing via diving gear is type 3, not type 2.
Oh lol my bad, will edit this real quick

You support adding dado's stuff to The Foundation page?
If they readily have the pills/other stuff, then yes.

If they can theoretically replicate them but don't otherwise have them, then I'd say no.
Well they already have certain amouns of them, and the replication method I propsed was done by them with SCP-500.

But I get why people wouldn't want to add that
How'd you define the dado stuff being readily for The Foundation

They got for example like 16 tablets of SCP-3521 but with SCP-3238 they got like 132 canisters of it or 127 of SCP-3929
So in case we agree on adding dado's pills and other products The Foundation has access to what do we add to the page itself?
What Gyro and Weekly accepted can probably be applied. Thank you for helping out.
Well then we should edit the page then, also correct that AP rating where its universal and not universe level
Is somebody experienced willing to handle this?
Only The Foundation one, maybe the 096 one if that upgrade on another thread goes anywhere
Thanks. will it be okay to add self sustance( type 3) to 096 since he survived a week and more in space?
Also I tried editing The Foundation page, I don't know how to work with source tha well so right now I only fixed the universal ap thing so you should really get someone else to do it

I finished editing SCP-096's page so you can close it if you want
Characters or otherwise with extremely high statistics.