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Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Yang Xiao Long


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VS Battles

Yang walks into Junior's club and sees that Junoir and both Malachite twins are on the ground unconcious. The bodies of Junior's guards are flung all over the room. At the bar was Tsuna, sitting down and having a drink. Yang calmly walks up and sits beside him, taking one of the many abandoned drinks on the table. She questions him and he explains that he was reluctantly claiming territory for the Vongola Family. Yang jokes about how he had just taken out her informant and they both laugh. After which, they both take a large sip from their drinks and slam their glasses on the table.

After an awkward silence, they punch each other in the face, which sends both of them flying backards. They get into a battle ready stance, and the fight begins.


Speed Equalized. Future Arc Tsuna.

Render tsuna by airistar-d3agc70
Yang xiao long rwby yellow render by andreogami5-d7zcul7

Who wins and why?
^Would think so as well. He just have too much intuition, experience and firepower for her to deal with.