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Character samus varia suit 07
The iconic female game character

Yoshi and egg

A bounty hunter vs a Dinosaur

Who wins? Varia Suit Samus and High-End Yoshi of course

Win by kill

Fight takes place on Yoshi's island. Samus traveled to (whatever Mario's planet is called) to exterminate the Yoshi. She has encountered a bunch of eggs watched over by Yoshi. Mario's Yoshi.
Yoshi could eat and return her ice beam, but if she got a good shot with it, it would probably kill him, but that would be hard to do with his speed.
Talonmask said:
Not sure Yoshi would want to eat something that would be freezing its body.
considering what he's eaten, be it ice balls, fireballs, poison, spikes, etc, I doubt he'll even care.
considering what he's eaten, be it ice balls, fireballs, poison, spikes, etc, I doubt he'll even care.

In what instance has Yoshi eaten ice balls?

Samus' Ice Beam is capable of freezing the sun, Yoshi has not demonstrated a resistance to such extremely cold temperatures and even if they managed to swallow it, it would still freeze their body in the process.
In new Super Mario Bros for the win, if you are in a yoshi level with two people and one of them has an ice flower, you can have one person shoot an ice ball, and the other one riding a yoshi it can eat it and shoot it back and freeze enemies.
We don't know how cold the ice ball is to assume it colder than Samus' Ice Beam, even then, this is acting like she can't shoot rapidly and that she won't aim for some other parts of his body.
True, and their max speed is the same so yoshi probably couldn't keep up with Samus if she can rapid fire her ice beam.

Did the sun freezing feat take any time to charge, or was it just a quick shot thing.
I'm not voting here, and I'm probably wrong, but I'd thought I'd bring something up.

From what I can remember off reading the Metroid wiki, her Star Freezing feat was caused by her Ice Beam, which she's had since the first game, meaning she had it with her Power Suit and Varia Suit, which are shown above.
Uh.... Varia Suit Samus = Planet level (The Ice Beam is an outlier considering the Power Bomb is only planet level despite being stronger), Yoshi is Mountain level. (Unless we're assuming he's the Low 4-C via feat that isn't in his tier for some reason? In that case, he still doesn't have the durability)

Varia Suit Samus is FTL....

Unless you're talking about Pre-Z Mission Varia Suit Samus?? But considering that the image is the iconic one, I doubt that.

This is massive spite, and apparently people still voted for Yoshi? (What???)
Yeah, I don't know why it's still there for some reason, I'll ask someone to remove it on the talk page.
Not sure what you're talking about.

Are you talking about the Varia Suit that's shown on your op and the one she uses in most of her games right? Or the Pre-ZM?
So the Pre-ZM version. Also it's an "At least 7-A" one. Anyways, with that said, Samus should win via having a slight speed and intelligence advantage + Ice Beam.