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Rimuru vs Zonda: Battle for the 3rd strongest 7-C

Alex Mercer has gotten Omega Nerfed and I realized that Zonda might be able to beat Rimuru, so here we are.

Rules: Speed Unequalized since Rimuru has Relativistic reactions. Rimuru is 7-C. Otherwise SBA.

Rimuru Tempest Main
ReverieZondaCompleteWorksRender v2
Rimuru Tempest:

Rimuru has Magic Perception and can just predict what Zonda will do with Great Sage and Great Sage will tell him what strategy he will do to beat Zonda like telling his information, weakness, what move he will do etc.. He has a lot of ways to beat Zonda like boosting his thought process by 1,000 times and use megiddo (Danmaku lightspeed attacks that richochet) that pierces magic barriers. Rimuru radiation passives in the WN version too if iirc. I think Elizhaa knows more about WN Rimuru than me since I haven't read it for a long time

Oh yeah Diablo (Web Novel), Shion (Web Novel) and Beretta (Web Novel) are way more impressive than Rimuru in 7-C if you're aiming for 3rd place
Maybe Nocturne is a smurf? Immeasurable speed and such. Forgot to mention, this is for the non-smurf list.