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Awakened after 1000 years
VS Battles
I was wondering if Danny Phantom and other ghosts have Resistance to Gravity Manipulation?.

In an interview, Butch Hartman was asked a question about Danny's powers and said "When he's a ghost, gravity doesn't affect him so he can lift really heavy things." (It's the 4th question asked)


Now, I was wondering how does this work but then I remembered how ghost powers work in Danny Phantom. Ghosts can pass on there abilities to anything their touching.

Reality Trip 18:15 Danny makes the Fenton Jet invisible.

Frightmare 15:30 Danny passes on his intangibility to Sam and they both overshadow Nocturne.

There bodies not being effected by gravity is supported in two episodes.

Public Enemies 11:56 Danny and a possessed human land on a wall and are uneffected by gravity.

Teacher of the Year 3:30 Danny lands on a building and starts walking down the wall without falling.

So it seems that ghosts are naturally uneffected by gravity and since they can pass their abilities on contact it would mean that they can make the object their holding uneffected as well which allows them to lift objects they would struggle to.
I thought that was if it was done through sheer strength like DBZ characters in the Gravity Chamber?. The ghosts are just resistant to gravity do to physiology, not strength.

However, if that's how it's treated then there is no resistance.