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Rematch! Hollow Ichigo VS Eiji Hino.

-This is Pre Time-Skip Ichigo, Possesed by Zangetsu fight against Ulquiorra

-This is EoS Eiji Hino.

-The fight take place in Hueco Mundo, 100 meters away from eachother.

-Eiji start in Putotyra.

-Speed equalized.

Ichigo Kurosaki (Pre-Timeskip):

Eiji Hino:

*incoherent screaming*

Kamen rider ooo and putotyra kamen rider and 1 more drawn by dn22059 sample-47e8351db014a7e9a914f3c38166af5c
*POWER to TEARER blaring in the background*
Okay well... for speeds Ichigo is never touching Eiji due to FTL reactions.

As for AP, assuming I'm reading this correctly, Ichigo scales to 120.928 Gigatons of TNT while Eiji scales to 273.843 Gigatons of TNT. So Eiji has a... general AP advantage of 2x. Possibly less depending on Ichigo's scaling.

I see no resistance to Void Hax either so... lolvoidhax?
50% Zangetsu >>> Lanza >>> R2 Ulq >>> R1 Ulq >>> Post Grimm Masked Ichigo >>> GRC = 121 gigatons.

Also make it speed equal or else it's a blitz stomp.
To be perfectly fair, his immortality can be circumvent and is easier to get rid off than other since one just need to seperate the core from the cells.