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Quicksilver (x men films) stats


Awakened after 1000 years
VS Battles
so I noticed Quicksilver is at most 8-A why is that. He never showed any fatigue at anytime and was always playing around. His speed stat says at least massively hypersonic but his ap & durability have a cap on it or is that just from the feat at the mansion if so why have the low end and high end stat their it's confusing.
It is most likely due to him saving the mansion. I can only assume since I had no involvement in it is perhaps it's hard to determine how long and how far he actually took within the mansion? The low end/high end basically gives a a gague on how much strength he could have, and I guess they couldn't decide whether to low ball or high-ball so they just did that.

I'm not sure if that helps.