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Purple Haze

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Purple Haze doesn't seem to be endangered through it's own virus so it should have a Resistance against it.
Resistance to a single disease is probably not noteworthy enough to mention.
It is still something he has and people who look at the page and aren't familiar with the verse should probably know that Purple Haze isn't affected by it's own virus.
Does the virus affect other Stands? Purple Haze is not biological, so not being affected by diseases and pestilences comes with the set.
The page specifies that it works on Stands in the bracket after Disease Manipulation and Purple Haze seems to be the exception in that case. Perhaps the wording can simply be changed to "other" Stands.
What do you not remember? If it is the fact that the virus works on other Stands, you can look that up on the page in the Powers and Abilities section. If it is the virus not affecting Purple Haze itself, then you can see that in pretty much every instance it used it's virus. Even though it is always close to the virus it isn't affected and nobody even worries about the possibility.
I'm not looking at the profile, just using my memory (it only appeared a few chapters, so isn't like Purple Haze did a lot of things... in the main serie). But if the proof is there then ok, but it could be just a case of simply not being affected by its own disease.
This is why I wrote about the possibility of changing the wording to "other" Stands. That is in my second last post.
Who is going to add that? My account is still new so I have to wait until I can edit pages.
His Purple Haze Feedback counterpart should have the ability as well for the same reasons.
Nehz XZX said:
His Purple Haze Feedback counterpart should have the ability as well for the same reasons.
Apologies. I added the ability to Fugo's other profile as well.
There is no need to apologize. I only noticed shortly before writing the comment. Thanks for adding it. This thread can be closed now.
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