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Princess of the Divine Dragons VS King of the Monsters (Tiki VS Godzilla)


There comes a time in every fan's life where you need to ask: "Can my favorite character beat Godzilla?"

Thankfully the Wiki has profiles for almost every flavor of Godzilla, so odds are there's at least one that can have a viable matchup with a character you like. Today is Tiki's turn, dragon vs irradiated lizard


Tiki VS Godzilla, both in High 6-B forms.

Voice of Naga: 0

Voice of world's most iconic roar: 0

They both return to slumber: 0

FEH Tiki old 01
Technically, Godzilla is an irradiated T-Rex, not lizard.

But in all seriousness... Dude, it's not even close, take it from someone who actually watched these particular films. Tiki wins by a long shot. Not 100% sure it's a Stomp, but if Godzilla almost died from getting hit by the Absolute Zero Cannon, his chances of surviving more than two or three hits from Tiki are pretty nil.
The AZC is still about 1.5x above Tiki's ballparked AP, so it'd probably be a lot more than two or three hits, he should tank a handful pretty decently.

And this Godzilla's regen might be lower than some other Godzillas, but it does exist too, so hardly stomp, I think this seems like a pretty viable matchup.

Also just joking, Tiki's a lizard too if you think about it.