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tiki (fire emblem)

  1. HoodedEnigma

    Fire Emblem: Minor Addition Of Classic Abilities

    Hey there i’ve been thinking of making this CRT for a bit and wanted to get it in before Fire Emblem Engage stuff starts to happen, The CRT is to suggest the addition of 2 gameplay abilities from the original versions of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Mystery Of...
  2. XitSign

    Reviving a ridiculous MU, Dreadbear VS Tiki (FNAF VS Fire Emblem)

    Because this match was made before the forum change happened I'm pretty sure, but never got resolved. So I want to do it again because it's massively amusing to me that a holy dragon from a fantasy game can have a fair matchup with a FNAF animatronic of any kind. --- Dreadbear VS Tiki, Giant...
  3. XitSign

    How About Something Ridiculous? Dreadbear VS Tiki (FNAF VS Fire Emblem)

    I have absolutely no good reason or set up for this one. I'm an FE supporter, we have a lot of 7-C's, I saw FNAF actually had one too...All I could rationalize is: "Wouldn't this be funny?" Anyways, just picked one of my favorites from the franchise, plus she also shapeshifts and becomes more...
  4. XitSign

    Princess of the Divine Dragons VS King of the Monsters (Tiki VS Godzilla)

    There comes a time in every fan's life where you need to ask: "Can my favorite character beat Godzilla?" Thankfully the Wiki has profiles for almost every flavor of Godzilla, so odds are there's at least one that can have a viable matchup with a character you like. Today is Tiki's turn, dragon...
  5. XitSign

    "For ten thousand years these ladies have slept! Now it's time to conquer the battlefield!" Tiki VS Rita Repulsa

    Okay, I'm aware neither of them actually slept ten thousand years. But why let a couple thousand years ruin a perfectly good battle title? ...or maybe a few million, who's counting? Regardless, a match-up of green girls who had power naps of legendary proportions, a Green Ranger fighting a...
  6. XitSign

    "You have power...Like NANOMACHINES SON!" - Tiki VS Senator Armstrong

    I was looking through various calcs for verses and realized these two were in the same tier...So, why not pit a pair of my favorites against each other? A fight I don't think either side was ever quite expecting to have: Will Senator Armstrong be making a new, better Archanea with his...
  7. XitSign

    "I'm here to see the green-haired chick." Juri VS Tiki

    M. Bison has sent Juri off to find this 'Voice of Naga' to examine her powers and if they can be used to take control of the Outrealm Gates he's taken such an interest in. However, this time things have gone a bit off script. None of the other villians are here to bicker and argue, and the...
  8. XitSign

    Fire Emblem: Tiki Revisions/Cleanup

    I was talking to a friend about dragon characters, and it inspired a fight idea I wanted to do including Tiki, but when I checked Tiki's page there's a few things that don't look right. Still new, but I think I'm supposed to do this first right? Rather than just making changes to pages willy...
  9. SuperKamiNappa

    Marshadow vs. Tiki

    Speed Equalized Marshadow Tiki
  10. fandom_12cheeper

    Some major Fire Emblem revisions

    OK,I'm gonna be blunt, the profiles for the first 3 fire emblem games are a mess so let's do something about that,shall we? Tiki Oh boy,Tiki.I'm gonna be honest,the degree to which this site downplays her is kinda hilarious. Anyway,first off,in the event that you both fail to retrieve falchion...
  11. JustSomeWeirdo

    Manakete Human Forms Upgrade

    Human form Manaketes (Archanea timeline) should be upgraded to 8-A, as eve childre with little to no training can somewhat fight against other 8-A soldiers (of course, not on equal levels), with Child Alm even being able to punch Slayde in The Prologue (10:50), where the children are even...