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Powers in different forms


VS Battles
Can we make it mandatory that powers and abilities that are gained after a new form are separated from the old ones by a '|'? When there are characters with multiple tiers and the powers and abilities is just a list without separation by tier levels, it gets difficult to find on a good match.

E.g. SOLSTICE's page (which is otherwise an excellent page) has her powers all lumped together without stating which ones she got as she increased in power.
Making it mandatory sounds like pushing it to me, at least when it comes to this matter.

I mean, first and foremost, the characters around here are given pages for the sake of having their statistics listed and all that. I think that not having restraints such as "as soon as you create this profile, you HAVE to put X number of things in it aside from the stats" gives people more freedom when creating their character pages.

Cleaning and organizing stuff makes for better pages, of course, but I believe that our users should have the liberty to make these things at their own pace. I, for one, start the profiles only with the things I find essential and then leave the rest for later, adding and elaborating on stuff as I get the time for it.

On the other hand, making it a recommendation would be fine by me. That way, people would know it's a good idea to separate that stuff, but wouldn't feel forced to do it.