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Possibly Bucciarati's additional abilities

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I mean,there are some abilities that should add

Some of examples:

- Surface Scaling via Zippers : In a fight between Diavolo and Scolippi's stand

- Transmutation : He turn things he punches into zippers

- Analytical Prediction : (I mean,most of the JJBA character should have this lol)
I believe that Surface Scaling is fine but I'm not entirely sure.

He does turn things he punches with Sticky Fingers into zippers but it should be clarified that he only turns the part of the surface he punched into zippers and not the entire object.

Analytical Prediction should be fine if he has any feats with it. If he has any feats that show that he has this, then you should probably post them here.
First one is technically not wrong I guessn so im fine with it.

The second one is though, he doesnt turn anything into zippers, he just creates zippers and applies them onto something but the target isnt being turned or even converted into a zipper.

Yes, but technically no, it's just good deduction skills and intel, not really a feat like Joseph, Diego or diavolo. I wouldnt call it an ability, just an intel feat in the case of Bruno, but meh, idk how we treat it because we dont even have that as an actual power, it just links to precog.

Is there anything you have to say to the responses?
Not really much,I think your reasoning is fine by the way

What about Chariot190's reasoning?
Nehz XZX said:
Not really much,I think your reasoning is fine by the way
What about Chariot190's reasoning?
Actually dont know what to say,but I dont really have a problem with it

So far nobody argued against Surface Scaling. Chariot190 thinks that Bucciarati isn't turning things into zippers but instead creates them. Would that be a quite specific kind of Creation?
Umm..You're right about specific.Should it be

Zipper Creation(Which allow him to enter a pocket dimension within said object)

Anything else?
Sounds good to me but we should wait for more input from other people.
Doesnt he already have that? Pretty sure he also has Portal Creation too for that.
If you are referring to Bucciarati's ability to open zippers, that one has no link. There is also no Portal Creation on his page.
It doesn't seem like as if that thread has actually been concluded.
Isn't there another current thread for this topic?
Okay. Let's settle this there then. You can link to it here if you wish.
Thanks. I will close this thread then.
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