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I'm not to sure about this, but I figured it was worth a shot.

First of all, in S2E13 "The Manhatten Project", they introduce a new species called the "Kraathatrogo" (try saying that five times fast). This species are capable of generating Earthquakes just by moving. How powerful are the quakes? Well, they're strong enough to seriously damage buildings in the area of a city block, with some characters saying they're strong enough to "shake the city", albeit in dubiously canonical promotional material.

Anyway, Tiger Claw kills one of them in the episodes "epilogue" sequence, albeit from the inside out. It's also implied that the original 80s Turtles managed to fight, and presumably beat beat the too, considering that they confronted it and apparently survived the encounter without noticable injury.

Nextly S2E23 "A Chinatown Ghost Story", the Turtles have to defeat an ancient Sorcerer named "Ho Cha. This wizard when just giving the Turtles small fractions of his power could perform feats on this level:

User blog:Darkanine/A few Storms and a Pocket dimension

Small Town level+ to Mountain level.

Ho Chan, after gaining a physical form, was smacked around Casey Jones, though Ho Chan ultimately and swiftly defeated Casey, he was able to injure him.

Because of these two feats, I think Low 7-C TMNT mid tiers, with 7-C high tiers (Shredder, Splinter, Post-Vision Quest turtles) may be appropriate, but I would like more opinions.
Side note:

The 80s Turtle scale off of the 2003 Turtles Post-Ninja Tribunal Arc, who were said to be strong enough to shatter mountains (At least 7-C). So if they truly fought the Kraathatrogon, it's just more to support tier 7 TMNT 2012.
Another thing I'm surprised hasn't been added: With the use of Eggs, the Turtles can teleport fairly vast distances (across several city blocks of NYC at the very least) and they usually carry these into battles as a last resort. That should probably be added under their equipment section.
So for scaling:

  • Small Town level+: The Turtles, April O'Neal, Karai, Casey Jones, Napoleon Bonafrog, Rasputin The Mad Frog, Genghis the Frog, Most Mutants (only really weak ones like Sir Malachi wont scale), Kraang Bots, Generic Foot Ninja, Robotic Foot Ninja. Pretty much every low tier character
  • Likely Town level: Stronger Mutants like Letherhead, maybe Spike and Newtralizer.
  • At least Town level: The Shredder, Hamato Yoshi, Post-Vision Quest Turtles and others on their level.
Side note: For such an urban setting, Tier 7 TMNT is oddly consistent.

As I mentioned above, this also scales to the 80s Turtles (They scale to Post-Ninja Tribunal 2003 Turtles. Since they also scale off the 2012 Turtles, it isn't an outlier). Not sure how to structure their profiles, though.
For what have I became, king of the bumps? Barren and lifeless my thread lays.

I've been listening to Blind Guardian to much

So I guess 80s Turtles would be:

Tier: 9-B | At least Low 7-C | At least 7-C

Attack Potency:
Wall level | At least Small Town level+ (Implied to have fought and defeated a swarm of Kraathatrogon) | At least Town level (Comparable to the Post-Ninja Tribunal Turtles, who can shatter mountains according to the Tribunal themselves)

Key: Original Series | Manhatten Project | Turtles Forever
I agree with these ratings. They seem reasonable and I trust your abilitiy to judge feats. It's nice to see TMNT getting some respect. I look forward to one of these guys fighting Jack :)
Speaking of upgrades, whatever became of that Hypersonic Shredder lightning bolt calc from a while back? Was that ever evaluated?
Me and Lina discussed it in the Chat. We decided it's best not to use it since we don't see his movement, just him appearing as it flashes.
Even ignoring the Town level feats, a normal teenager would not be able to do what Casey has done. I.E. Getting getting smashed through crates and walls with a slight daze, fight faster than the eye can track, keep up with a bus while fending off a legion of ninjas, all of which can effortlessly smash through walls, defeat humanoid frogs who can destroy walls with no problem, etc. The kids a blatant superhuman.

Anyway. This thread is old and should probably be closed.
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