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Okay so Nyan has the ap advantage. Still going for Shantae though. Pike Balls/Scimitars can harm him if he goes for close combat. His air manipulation might not be considered a projectile, however Shantae should still he able to teleport away from them. If Nyan harms her too much then Super Revive Dance fully heals her. Monster Milk might be able to counter the ap difference.
He becomes thin enough to pass through a 2 milimeter opening iirc.

His body is basically the "cats are liquids" meme on steroids.
Shantae's gonna be hard pressed to hit him. I feel like she's gonna need the explosion dance to actually deal with him. I still say Shantae takes this with high difficulty. Her explosion and healing dances are her best tools here with most everything else kinda useless.
How do her dancers work in matches, is there like a time stop like in the games?

Because Nyan is extremely aggressive.
In game there's a time stop, but that's only a game mechanic. However, they should only take around a second or two since HGH simplifies her dances, along with an item that speeds up her dances.
Do you think her teleporting or exploding can stop Nyan from invading her body and trying to kill her from the inside? Also does exploding hurt her?
how does that stop her from hurting herself by exploding? or does she not explode herself and just generates an explosion?
Okay, got it. How does her teleportation work? I've played Risky's Revenge, the Pirate's Curse, and Half Genie hero and I don't remember any teleportation she uses for combat.
She has two ways. Warp Dance can teleport her to long distances and in Ninja Mode she can teleport with a thought.
Not sure...but in the case he somehow gets inside of her and attacks her inside, then she can always use Vanishing Cream to phase through him, causing him to fall off.