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New Year, New FC/OC Battles Wiki


🖖 Live long and prosper
VS Battles
FC/OC VS Battles
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For those of you who have been living under a rock, or are very new, the wiki hasn't been really active with its updates for the last few months, and there hasn't been much word of what's going on. For the past month, we've been trying to sort out the head of the new wiki, and for the moment, it looks I will be taking charge in the short term. While I do have to wait 30 days to get permanent Bureaucrat privileges, I've been given temporary Admin rights, to at be able to get some stuff underway.

What will the staff be doing? I have a list of things that we need to sort out and while I wait for the permanent roles;

  1. Sort out current staff - I will be giving @JohnConquest1 and @Phoenks Administrator privileges when my Bureaucrat role is assigned, but for now, there's nothing I can do at least on the wiki itself. I will try and get the roles updated on the forum as well, although they and myself might be assigned the future roles, not the ones they will have immediately.
  2. Organise new staff - Next on the list is to ask current staff if they are happy where they are and want to remain, but regardless of that we will be looking for at least 2 more staff to help out.
  3. Tier 1/0 page moderation team - I will get in touch with the current users who are part of the moderation team, and ask whether they are happy to continue helping out. Depeding on the amount of people willing to help out we may/may not need to get people to help with this.
  4. Featured pages - We will then focus on getting the featured characters sorted out, because it is really out of date and in need of changing. I will make a post alerting people when we're ready to tackle more submissions.
  5. Category cleanup - There's a lot of redundant category's with either silly category names, or some that are similar (Immortals and Immortality Users for example) which I want to clear up and have them merged to fit one category.
  6. Content Standards and what we allow. - Reviewing what we allow to be posted on FC/OC, the minimum amount of effort required to post pages and updating the rules accordingly.
  7. Powers and Abilities - Match our powers and abilities to match those of VSBW
  8. Odds and ends - Any other projects, most likely making the wiki easier to use, like helping people on how to make a sandbox, and other things like that. If you have ideas on what might be good to add, let us know below.
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In all seriousness, looking forward to where we go from here. I'll probably try to be more active (even if I may or may not continue project alpha on the wiki for now) and help as I can.
Even though i am not largely active like many other members I would gladly be willing to lend a hand whether that be Tier 1/0 moderation or just general site management. Excited to see where the future leads the wiki and good luck!
I will be doing everything I can to keep the wiki updated and maintained. You already know what I plan to work on in due time. Lots of technical stuff to look into and go over.
After 5(,000) years Littlepip will finally be( free)come a featured page! (and conquer earth!)
Also bad pages are about to be hit with her mininuke launcher.

I have now been promoted to Bureaucrat allowing me to make the much needed promotions and recruitments to help out.

John and Phoenks have been promoted to Administrator.

Another Council CurrySenpai and Kanogami have all been promoted to Content Moderators to help out with the wiki. The new staff members will also be helping out with the ongoing process of tier 1/0 profiles too, so a major thanks to them for helping out even more!

🎊 Congratulations to everyone! 🎊

Our new focus will be to sort out the featured characters, so submit yours, or others, works here if you want to see them on the front page!
Another objective complete!

I hope to get more done soon, although I'm currently on a short health break atm, we'll hopefully get through the other targets set as well.