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Naruto 's Toneri Beam downgrade

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Here's my friend's notes. They're designed for him to read so bear with him.

Here they are:

The beam's width is comparable to that of Toneri's rock monster.

The rock monster's arm width is about 3 times Naruto's height, and its torso is about three times the width of its arm.

Naruto is officially 6'1", so the creature's arm is 18'3" and its body is 54'9".

That would make the beam about 50 feet in diameter.

So, the length is 1738.14km and the width is 50 feet.

The volume of destroyed stone would be 11,196,948,521.388 cubic feet or 0.3170622735867 cubic kilometres.

The moon has a mean density of 3.3464 grams per cubic centimetre, 3346.4 kg per cubic metre, 3,346,400,000 tons per cubic kilometre.

3346400000 X 0.3170622735867 = 1,061,017,192.33053 tons.

That would mean that Toneri's beam can punch through more than a billion tons just on its direct power. The fact it cut the moon in half was to do with that power being swept through the whole middle of the moon, but the equator was the truest measurement of its direct power in and of itself. Naruto shrugged off an attack like that, and the fact he was in the gap means that he took it for several seconds.

That beam may have only had the direct power of an island buster. However the fact Sage Form Naruto shrugged that off and then he easily felled Toneri in a single punch while in base form means Naruto is well above that. He also deflects and overpowers that same attack while in base form, right before felling Toneri with a punch.

Earth weighs 5 sextillion tons, which means that beam feat was 5 trillion times less impressive than blowing up the Earth. Destroying the Earth takes 57.3 zettatons, so the beam was 11.46 gigatons, 3.951724137931034 times the power required to destroy Mt Everest. Island level, in other words.
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