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Movie Pennywise Rewrite

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Actually you just got me thinking that, because that might actually be legit since he survived the meteor impact undamaged and went on a killing spree soon after
Agree with almost anything, but not Soul Manipulation
But first, a couple of things
Paul Bounian was an illusion, but this doesn't affect the additions.
The liquid would be more like a mix of Water Manipulation (liquid manipulation doesn't exists, but water manip is the closest power) and heat manipulation
Resistance to pain shouldn't be explained by the fire thing (since it was its own fire), but by the fact that he took a pole through the head without flinching should be enough, as well as all the other wounds it withstood
Organic manipulation is already covered by Blood Manipulation, which is in the profile.

Unfortunately, the movie doesn't explain well what the Deadlights are (and we can't automatically take the explanation from the book). I agree that they are likely Pennywise's true form, "core", or another weird thing, but turning it into resistance to Soul Manipulation requires to much assumptions
By Soul Manipulation are you talking about Soul Absorption or his Resistance to Soul Manipulation? Or both?

If its the latter, either way I feel like it would warrant the resistance since The Deadlights can be considered either an unconventional soul or not a soul at all
I'm talking of resistance to Soul Manipulation, I agree with soul absorption.
The problem is that it is based on generous assumptions, maybe a "Possible" could be placed, as a compromise
I'm trying to get people to talk on both of my CRTs, pretty obvious that I'm not being so lucky.
Well, let's wait until tomorrow, and if no one has objections then the changes will be applied
Can somebody summarise what you want to do here in a rather quickly understood manner please?
I don't know if this is quick enough, but a lot of things are being requested
I took the liberty to make changes from the original blog, like some explanations and link, but this is what I and Gewsbumpz agree on, nothing more and nothing less

While making this summary I realized that there are some things about the AP and a couple of other things that I'd like to discuss (and one about the AP is already in this CRT) but I feel that those other questions warrant a CRT of their own (I can make it myself after this).

Even if this gets accepted, I'll wait for Gewsbumpz opinion on how I adapted the changes
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What Saman said is basically everything apart from the new tiering stuff. Except the Limited Gravity Manipulation is passive since the garbage and corpses floating in his lair continued to float while he is off doing his own thing in Derry, Maine.
I think that the tiering stuff should be debated in another thread, because I want to give some personal input about it, and this is already filled with a lot of things.
We can start the new one after after we finish this
It more about the wording of it, instead of changing it.
Making a CRT at time helps to properly organize and keep track of things.
I suppose that the listed suggestions seem fine to apply.
@Gewsbumpz You know, you're right and maybe another thread isn't necessary, I'd say that we can continue here, since the big block of powers has been accepted.
My concern came from the fact that I didn't remember well the size of Penny's spider form, so nevermind.
I believed that it was much smaller, and since Paul Bunyan was likely an illusion, I had some problem with 9-A, even though I'm strongly convinced that it could surely become Paul Bunyan. I tend to be very strict when judging things.
The only thing for which I'm still dubious is the wording. The base form should be included in the "varies" or treated as a separate part of the text? It's a very minor thing, I know. Also, I'd keep the 9-A part that comes from its death separated from the others, because it's not related to its form, it just happens. It wasn't even a spider when it died.
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