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Minor Homura Akemi Upgrades

Homura's stuff

  • I have no idea how this got slipped from me, her fight against Charlotte which she wo should warrants an upgrade for her rating with weaponry to At least 7-A since the Charlotte has 7-A durability.
  • This video made me think that Homulilly should get Type 9 Immortality since her "True-Self" exists within the isolation zone created by Kyubey. The Giant Witch form in the video are just like an Avatar she used to interract within the fake Mitakihara City she created, just like she used her Magical Girl body through half of the Rebellion Movie.
The video also shown Homura "killing" Charlotte's fake bodies by putting bombs outside her body until she stepped into that small plushie to neg the witch respawing abilities.

I am not sure where did the "putting an explosive inside a witch" weakness came from. They have Inorganic Physiology Type 2 which should make their anatomy different from normal human or animals.
I believe it was specifically mentioned that Charlotte's insides are vulnerable as a reference to her wish, at least somewhere in the production notes / witch card stuff.

I'll check in a second.
Haven't found it in any official material, but I wouldn't write it off since it at least seems heavily implied.
I still dunno about that. You guys can go with whatever y'all decide.

Outside of the plot, type 9 immortality for Homura doesn't exist since it only occurs while Homura is in the Isolation Zone.
Thanks Schnee.

Regarding the Type 9, the whole process of Homura become a witch is different from the other witches. Even though it's byproducted of Kyubey, I don't think we should written off the fact Homura can still interracts with others within the fake Kamihama from within isolation zone. Even Madoka had to manually enter the zone in order to free Homura.
I'm fine with 7-A. That seems pretty good and it hasn't been stated in official material that her weakness is inside.

Type 9... I'm unsure of it... I'm leaning more with SD on that one.
Well, SD seems to have rejected type 9 immortality. The statistics change seems to make sense though.
Huh? Forgot that I made this.

Still requires more input regarding the Type 9. Even though it's byproducted of Kyubey, Homulilly wouldn't even exist without it.
Crap forgot about this.

The 7-A rating has been accepted. I still think Homulilly should have Type 9, even though it was Kyubey machination, Homulilly wouldn't even exist without it due Madoka new Law.
Schnee One said:
I am not an Admin and SD just said for us to do what we decided
I mean, this sounds kinda like giving a green Light to me.

But yeah, I will contact another admin who has some knowledge of PMMM just to be sure.
I suppose that this seems to have been mostly accepted. It would have been preferable to have gotten more input though.