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I will likely regret this one but hey.

Speed is equalised, Thanos has the Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet (Reality, Power, Space) and Ancestor is 5-A.

Thanos - 0

Ancestor - 7

Inconclusive - 0
Well, nobody's really said anything yet, so I'll just go for ancestor via faster acting madness manip, and the flaying would prevent thanos from really doing and IG stuff.
Thanos tries to snap and wonders where the flesh on his everything went
His abilities aren't passive

He starts in a human state, his Type 4 only works when he delibrately goes into an abominable form to Mindhax, and his Flaying requires him to raise his hand

.... Then again snapping takes less time

.... But Thanos is also stuck with the incomplete boi so he'd have to use something else
I wasn't sure, if it falls to the OP to state which gems Thanos has I say we'll give him Reality, Power and Space then.
Okay, so Thanos car has the range advantage as he can pull of a surface wipe with the Power Stone, and he could bring The Ancestor to him by manipulating space with the Space Stone which is a bad idea or just throw meteorites at him instead.

The Ancestor, however, just needs to get close to him and make a simple gesture to flay him. Type 8 immortality helps against any death that he'll experience, and I doubt TA will die during the fight. Not voting yet.
Blowing up the planet is a good way to get past Type 8 anyways
Not instantly. He can hold his breath and teleport away pretty easily
Or he'd say "SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGET" and spegetify Ancestor

Even though for a lot of the movie he either energy blasts people or punches them, neither of which will do all that much to the first phase of the Ancestor who's kinda completely invunerable to... Fraction of 2.8 Ninaton attacks
Thanos doesn't resist madness stuff? That seems weird.

Also I can personally raise my hand from the position the ancestor starts in faster than I can properly snap, and I don't think a huge ass metal glove would really help the latter very much.
Wokistan said:
I don't think a huge ass metal glove would really help the latter very much.
insert game theory

Okay yeah, I'll probably just go with the Ancestor. Slightly faster attack speed and more likely to pull out lethal forkery
Ancestor FRA, sure Thanos has a huge metal glove that hinders his arm movements but he's got the M U S C L E S to lift it easily, it's just that he needs more than raising his hand to kill/incap Ancestor. Ancestor just raises his hand while Thanos raises his hand then clenches his fist. Clearly Ancestor is faster.
Well, that's 7 votes. Grace starts.
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