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Mario Mario vs Mario Mario

Movie Mario broke someone's neck, and is stronger than someone else who also did that.

Show Mario survived a room-sized explosion.

Neither seems to have calcs, but I'd say that the AP edge goes to the Super Show.
So super show has ap but definitely doesn't got much in terms of variety. Like his abilities are kinda bad
Most useful thing is Time Manipulation. Which is rewinding it. And that's him dancing causes damage at distances
Movie Mario does have that. Albeit, it takes quite some time to actually take effect. Show Mario has dancing or movement for range option
I mean movie Mario has more weaopns to use so this doesn't limit him as much as Super Show Mario. And you know, his gun can change him.
The gun isn't so useful against Show Mario considering the Gun takes too long. And Show Mario's ability to rewind time, and would rewind what effect that gun even had on him.
Considering two of these guns shooting at bowser took more than several seconds to devolve him far back enough to incapacitate him, plus having to tag Mario in the first place, it's not very reliable. Mario would take a gun as a threat. Just from his sheet dancing and or movement could easily cause damage to the movie Mario even at a distance should he be getting that shot in. And that assumes he goes for it fast enough. As I don't see Movie Mario opening with it
Heavily doubt that he just dance as soon as he sees a gun. Pretty sure he danced during a non-combat moment. Also, when affecting him, why wouldn't the gun also change his mindset as well? Seconds or not, the thing is going to be changing him physically and mentally.
He certainly would try avoiding it and get close. Laser guns are actually not knew to him. And they both start in range of each other. They hardly are that far away. Both are capable of hitting each other. Even if show didn't go for range attack. Nothing promises Movie would go for range too. He didn't use it that much in the movie. And I'll explain below why it's also pretty unreliable

And It would at an extremely slow pace. It did take 2 guns to devolve bowser and several upon several seconds for him to even really be put in that sort of state. Tbh. The gun has very little usage if he can't incapacitate or already knock out his opponent. The gun is so dang slow. Mario could dodge it or move out of the blast when being shot by it. The power isn't going to hold him back like it did Koopa since he is stronger and tougher.