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Low 7-C Nue Ikoma

I just would like to revise the feat where Nue Ikoma flipped thee most heavily armored train in his series, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. It should be noted that I am not good at calculating these things and I'm mostly eye-balling and using my knowledge of physics to calculate this. My "Calculations" should be taken lightly and with a bucket of salt.

The average steam locomotive weighs about 200 Tons. However, with all the platings, munitions, passengers, or the cargo this train probably has it likely weighs much more than the average steam locomotive. Especially considering the plating is thick enough to keep out Kabane, which are powerful enough to rival base form Ikoma This probably brings the weight to, lowball: 250 Tons. Highball: 400 Tons. And Ikoma propelled the train about 7-10 meters into the air using Ikoma's 1.7 meters height as a scale, rough eye-balling. I'm not a proper calculator, but this can serve as a base for proper calculations.

Lowball: 1.75 Kilotons

Highball: 4 Kilotons