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Look at little All Might Jr. Gonna cry?

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How does Deku win. He has no mobility, can't break webs, has lower AP/Dura and is no where near as skilled.

This is literally a normal kid vs black suit Spider-Man, someone tell me his win con.
I always forget that base Deku has fuckall everything. Sheesh.

Anyways web point stands but the skill thing is bullshit, Raimi Spider-Man has barely any skill, he's been active for a grand total of 3 years, fighting goons nonetheless. And I don't know their AP and Dura values (8-C calc is rejected)

In fact does this Spider-Man ever use webs on his opponents? I recall him not using it on Goblin. Infact IMO if we switch to Spider-Man 1 Spider-Man, this match becomes reaaalllllyyyy fair.
Deku in this key has like 2-3 months of hero training, and only 2 instances where his base could even somewhat keep up with just his classmates. Raimi spidey has 3 years of heroing, whether it's against goons or not, that's a large experience gap, especially since Deku can't do anything but fight exactly like the goons spidey fights. Again, it's literally a kid swinging punches at spider man, he won't even land a hit on him due to acrobatics and web slinging.

This spidey is .16 tons in base.

Yes, this spider man webs up his enemies. At least against goons, he'll knock them over then web them down. He'd do the same thing to Base Deku. He's fighting a kid, he won't take him seriously at all and insta wins with webs. Even movie 1 spidey would just use his webs and win, Deku can't get close to the guy in any way.
Movie 1 never uses his webs on Goblin, he never opens with them, hell he uses them after he defeats the opponent.

Movie 1 has like, less than an year too, and hasn't fought a single supervillain except Goblin, who he usually got stomped by, and has NO variety other than grenades. Precog is basically non-existent for Raimi, he randomly has it and randomly doesn't. And I swear Deku is legitimately far smarter and better trained here. Web-Swinging is never used during combat with grounded opponents and if you're going to argue that someone out there wins with feckin Acrobatics you're being ridiculous.

All I am saying is, Movie 1 is completely fair here, in fact I may legitimately vote Deku considering he's far better trained and smarter at CQC than Spider-Man, since that is what Movie 1 goes for.
Ok sure, maybe movie 1 spidey would be more fair since he doesn't seem to ever use webs and is way less experienced in combat with other super powered characters, but OP says it's black suit spidey. I am not wrong in my belief that that version of spidey would stomp Base Deku.

On the topic of movie 1 spider man, I'll hold off unless something changes.
Yeah so, @Tetsucabrah, specify in the OP that this is Movie 1 Spider-Man, and then we're golden
Yes, not use it ON Norman, who can't break out of it in that scenario. Hence this is fair
Yeah, pretty sure he did try it on Norman, and even more sure there was a goon he strung up as well.

He would definitly string up a random kid coming to swing at him regardless.
Really? I legitimately don't think he tried it of Norman at all... and anything he did try on goons was offscreen
With goons, he left them tied up to street lamps, no?

And I definitly remember Norma ripping it off his face rather casually. Plus, he could fly and dodge the stuff reasonably well.
I mean, from what we had seen of him, he beats them up and then leave them tied.

Eh it's rare instance altogether though, I legitimately remember Movie 1 Spider-Man to be punch-based rather than web-based, he only used the latter for swinging and post battle entrapment.
Wasn't he able to pull up some sort of gondola cart in movie 1? When Green Goblin was trying to make him decide between MJ and the children. Although I can't remember if he was using webs to hold it up.
Even if he was, he is far too agile for Deku to get in anything but a single punch, and if Spidey sees him as actually dangerous upclose and realises he has no ranged attacks, he'll just go for ranged himself regardless.
He has essentially no Spider-Sense in the first film and definitely considers punchy punch tactics regardless. And I don't think it's unbelievable to assume that Spider-Man wouldn't be a good web shooter at this point when he barely uses it.
He doesn't really need spider sense. Deku's martial powress is "hit enemy with knuckles", he has smaller reach due to being smaller, he is less agile all around, and the kind of exertion he is used to isn't anything that is actually like combat.

He can aim his shots really well, too. He could get that tin bottle rather easily, so a quick Web to the face could be very possible, and he actually did that in the first film.
Spidey definitively spams webs, even the Raimi one, and he legit webbed up Norman in a classic cobweb and Norman initially had difficulty tearing through it but eventually did it.
Zark2099 said:
Really? I legitimately don't think he tried it of Norman at all... and anything he did try on goons was offscree
He used his webs to blind Norman in their first battle, pull him towards himself for a kick in their second battle, and in the final battle he used wields to shield off Norman, as well as use them to pull down a wall on Norman. He also tried another web attack, but it was interrupted
First key Deku has Supersonic combat and reactions speed just like this 9-A raimi spiderman who doesn't have his black suit . This spiderman has small building level + attack potency and Dekus initial durability level is building level durability . Spiderman has small building level + Durability the villain bot executor has large building level + durability and this is what first Key Deku did to executor :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGbrcdJk7NM yeah izuku would break his arm but there be one dead spider too . yes spiderman create webs but the mass of the web would depend on spiderman strength and Dekus not far from spidermans strength or anything like that he has a casual small building + feat with killing a victory robot with enough effort he could tear himself free . Deku not being able to land a hit due to acrobatics and small body is inaccurate deku has acrobatics in his tab too he jumped who knows how many feet in the air and land a punch on robot who knows how many times larger than him this spiderman is not blitzing deku to the point he can dodge everything no problem Deku can keep up Deku can tank his hits and Deku can one shot him with a full power punch that's at least small city level given it one shotted executor. Deku FRA

Deku fra
in hero academia the quirks are legit the only thing separating them from regular humans kinda pointless to put Deku in a fight at all if your just gonna take away what makes him unique as a fighter yeah building tier characters win against like wall or street level fighter who don't have some god tier hax abilitys and it doesnt make for an interesting discussion at all.
By our standards, he's still millions of times stronger than even the greatest humans.

One thing I've wondered, does Izuku know that he can't use One For All, or will he try to use it, only to find that he can't?
Blame on the matchmaker, not us.

This match has been deemed unfair in this state against Deku already, and was to be closed, people just forgot until you decided to resurrect this thread.

Anyways, read the thread and don't message on the threads deemed unfair ("stomps") unless you want to argue they aren't, k?

Closing this thread.
Not open for further replies.