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Local bird pecks at a crystal


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VS Battles
Pidgeot vs Chromastone. Speed is equalized. Win via KO or ring out. Takes place on the Tournament of Power.

Chromastone official artwork AF
You mean Local JESUS BIRD pecks at a dirty heretic crystal.

As always, Pokéman via AP and versatility in attacks.
so no energy aboserpsion because it would be a stomp since Chromastone is " High 5-A with energy absorption"

while Pdgey is 7-A
Wait...are pokemon mechanics taken into account here?(I think so, because his profile states its resistant to certain types) Because if so I'm pretty sure that Chromastone resists Pidgeot's STAB moves. Aside from that, are stats taken into account? because focus blast won't be doing much too (Chromastone can absorb it anyway)

If these two aren't taken into account, then Idk, Chromastone I guess It's pretty even except Pidgeot can potentially confuse Chromastone, even then if it's through Hurricane like I think it is, then not only can chromastone dodge of his own free will, but Hurricane also doesn't have 100% accuracy. That being said, an unboosted(meaning he didn't absorb anything) blast from chromastone could send an 'at least 7-A' character flying into a force field so hard he bounced off it and destroyed a large building.
Kambings4life said:
Wall of text
rock types beat flying. Chromastone got this guys!

but in all seriousness can some one answer if Chromastones allowed to use Energy absorbtion or not?
Hazerddex said:
Wall of text

He definitely should be able to, speed is already equalized so his main advantage is gone, but Pidgeot is so much more versatile that chroma should at least be allowed his energy absorption
Hazerddex said:
Wall of text
Well not really, because his energy absorption's rated at least High 5-A because he managed to absorb an energy blast from an 'at least High 5-A' being, The stat is there to show people that he can absorb at least Dwarf Star Level energy. If he were to absorb like a hyper beam or a focus blast from pidgeot he'd only dish out a High 7-A level blast back at it (That iis if Pidegot's special attacks are High 7-A to begin with)
try to not quote walls of text, it creates clutter that makes threads hard to scroll through, maybe replace it the quoted block of words with "snip" or simply @(person's name here)

like so (assuming you're Person B here responding to Person A):

Person A said:

>Person A said:
Or simply

@Person A
Chromastone is High 5-A only when absorbing High 5-A energy. Attacks from Pidgeot would buff him, but not to the same extent.

Also Pokemon mechanics are valid only for Pidgeot