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Legend of Zelda Revision

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I have taken a look at some of the statistics for Link, and other Zelda characters, and honestly some of them need a downgrade in power.

First things first. I question why are we scaling characters like Ganondorf to Majora. We all know that the feat Majora displayed is continental (No not planet level. Annihlating this world could mean anything from a stock market, to actual planet busting.) However scaling Ganondorf to Majora makes NO sense in any sense of the word. Ganondorf having the Triforce of Power doesn't mean anything when Majora has shown feats way beyond Ganondorf. To add on to this, none of the pieces of the Triforce give a power boost to the user. The full Triforce gives someone one wish, and that's it. There isn't a boost in power. The fact that Link needed the Fierce Deity Mask to beat Majora shows that the Triforce isn't an all powerful item that grants a huge power boost.

Now onto Demise. So Link uses a wish to kill the present Demise, and then battles Demise of the past. When Link used his wish, he used the full Triforce BEFORE his battle with Demise of the past. He never had the full Triforce in battle. Furthermore, if Demise is after the Triforce, why would he want something inferior to him? Like I've said before, the Triforce doesn't provide any power boost to the user. Just a wish. Another case of Planet Level Demise is when Link says he would "raze the surface of the world with destruction." You know what else can raze the surface of the planet? The U.S. military. That doesn't mean they could destroy the planet. Plus its vague as heck. How much of the world? This could mean anything from a country, to a actual planet. Plus doesn't Zelda take place in a medieval peroid? Are they even aware of planets? Don't just jump the gun when you see words like "world" and "planet."

At best, Link is continental. Planet Level though? Don't make me laugh.
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