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Leaving the wiki now.


If you are into vs debating, that's great to hear! This is just how I feel really. Please. Don't let my opinion stop you from doing what you enjoy or anything. :/

Eeyup! You read the title correctly. I've explained why here in a over 7,000 character and over 1,000 word long journal on Deviantart.


I'm gonna ask a mod to delete every single page that I have created on this wiki (I've backed them up just incase I do return but that is highly unlikely to happen and I took screenshots of them too not just for that reason, but also maybe when I'm older I'll go

"Wow. Hard to believe I made these pages on this website so long ago!"

Maybe I've broken some rules on the site IDK, but if I'm leaving then IDC feel free to give me a warning or ban me if you want because I probably wont come back.

EDIT: Here is all my social media accounts if you miss me too much.

Deviantart Where I'm mostly active: https://peppypony.deviantart.com/

Steam: steamcommunity.com/id/Lunainri/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCudYsJHPb9mwZPdT7qNsapw

Discord tag: Peppypony#0868
Reading through the post on Deviantart, regardless of some of the sentiments and such in it, well travels if you are going to be looking for another location to place your characters/stories in. Luck with all that comes beyond.
Ignoring the use of bumping, I can at least understand where you're going with this and it's alright to do so.

Things like Vs debating is something I don't really do UNLESS I'm in the mood for it and even then, that would be like...once in a while.

Use of pictures done either by other media or even those done by others is a fair point regardless how one looks at it. Even someone like myself is no different from this. Although I am a strong advocate for it, the reason I do them for my case is that the arts I've used are pretty much what I also literally envision. Which would make me drawing them out kind of pointless even though it would be much more personal and something free out of any kind of "attacks" done from the original owners of the pieces. Particularly those not from other media like Capcom or Marvel or DC or the like, although that would be a big surprise if any came by and did that to here.

Popularity, I share the same view as that. I don't mind if my OC's, even if I am kind of getting them to have something original being done overtime...if I do right, end up not being popular. Same with stories that I put them in. Don't really mind it, I just do it for fun and/or to put them out there. That and it's whatever to me then.

All in all, I say the same as Aku here and say GL out there to wherever you may go with your work. Good while it lasted to have ya around.