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King Sombra's CRT

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Heya. So, let's go straight to it.

Fire Manipulation - Here he creates dark flames.

Curse Manipulation - Cursed Crystal Empire.

Size Manipulation while he is in his smoke form - Can freely increase his size to this much.

Corruption (Type 2) - Was able to corrupt the ground by putting a piece of his horn there.

Regenerationn (High-Low I assume) - Was able to grow his horn back.

Crystal Prison - Perhaps it should be noted in the description, that this attack passivly nullifies magic (Here, here, and here).

Something, I guess - His horn is able to survive Crystal Heart's magic wave (the same wave destroyed his body).

Mind Manipulation note - His mind manip cannot be overcomed by Twilight's magic.

Telekinesis - Here, here, and here. Why is it even not on his profile? All unicorns have telekinesis.

Intangibility note - His Intangibility can save him from the elements of harmony. Resistance to magic in this form maybe?

Also, apperently, he wasn't ressurected, but summoned from so called "Darkness". I've been talled that this is too vague, but what are your thougths?

Also, I'm not sure whether or not the abilities from this thread were added (I don't think so).
Most of these seem fine to me. Not sure what to think about the "darkness"

Really happy this was made Sombra's profile was pretty barren.
This is probably fine, but you need to ask other staff members to check through the images. I am far too overworked.

I have to unsubscribe from this thread due to time constraints. You can notify me later via my message wall if you need my help after you have reached a conclusion.
How is being summoned from the Darkness even a power? Just means he can be pulled out of it. His horn surviving doesn't really amount to anything. Could've been any reason.
Thank you, everyone.

About Darkness. Originally I thought that it is some sort of Immortality. You know, like with Goku - he is not dying, but goes to King Kai's realm.
His entire form was destroyed in season 9 and he was able to come back, though I'm not sure if discord resurrected him or if it was his own power.
This all seems okay to me. As for the Darkness, in my opinion that is resurrection as he was definitely killed previously, but that's more an addition for Discord.
I agree with Robot that it appears to be more like Resurrection from the darkness. But the rest look good.
So, since everyone is agreeing, I'm gonna start summarizing stuff, for it to be easier for me to add it.

Fire Manipulation (Can create dark flames)

Curse Manipulation (Cursed Crystal Empire)

Size Manipulation while he is in his smoke form (Can freely increase his size to this much)

Corruption (Type 2) (Was able to corrupt the ground by putting there a piece of his horn)

Regenerationn (High-Low) (Was able to grow his horn back)

Resistance to Magic while he is in his smoke form (Was able to survive blast from the Elements of Harmony)


Crystal Priso- Sombra can trap people in a cage of sorts made entirely out of crystals, which passively nullifies magic. He uses this to keep the Mane 6 subdued after he destroys the Tree of Harmony.

Mind Control- Sombra has two methods of putting others under his control. The first is to summon mind control helmets and send them flying at his foes to have them be placed on their heads. The second is to shoot magic and have it infect them through their eyes. His mind control is so strong, that not even Twilight was able to overcome it.

That's it for my part. Now, to the Amelia's thread.

Time Manipulation (Under his rulership, nothing in the Crystal Empire aged over the course of 1,000 years)

Perception Manipulation (Manipulated Twilight and Spikes sight and senses in order to make them perceive their greatest fears)

Weather Manipulation (His presence was causing a massive storm to consume the entire empire on all sides)

Crystalline Manipulation (He already have it, but for the record)

Possible Memory Manipulation (No one in the Crystal Empire was able to recall their lives before Sombras rulership for some time)

Possible Empathic Manipulation (Under his rulership, the Crystal Ponies are incredibly depressed, unable to motivate themselves to do much of anything)

Not sure about two from above myself.

For Twilight

Darkness Manipulation (Was able to cast Sombras dark magic)

And for Celestia

Crystalline Manipulation
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