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Kid goku
Goku on King Piccolo arc.
Gintoki - ShiroYasha
He also have his pole in this fight.

Gintoki have two swords, one is his wooden sword and another is real katana

and *special bonus for Gintoki*, he can use gag alibity Kamehameha in this fight! (like it's appear in game J-star victory VS)

Who is the winner!?
Gintoki is city, while Goku is city+

Can't tell who is generally faster

Though, cancelling super saiyan adult goku's kamehameha make's him at LEAST star level+ :^)

Jokes aside, Goku has AP/DURA plus afterimages, THOUGH Gintoki has knowledge of Goku's verse and would aim for the tail (which he has, if this video is right). Slightly sliding with Gin.
I believe Goku lost his weakness by the 22nd tournament and the King Piccolo arc was right after so he shouldn't have that weakness here.
If Gintoki gets the Neo Armstrong Jet Cyclone Armstrong Cannon then he stomps easily...

In all seriousness Kid Goku wins. Faster, stronger, and has range advantage. The only category that Gintoki has him beat in is experience.

If only he gets his gag feats for this fight. I would say that he stomps since he read all of Dragon Ball and said that it MIGHT be hard for him to beat a Gold saint.