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Kenganverse Discussion Thread Omega/2


Thread 1

Might as well put this one on.

Yes, it's Omega because it's the sequel. Title 2 and all. Would've put the picture of Kazuo snapping those thugs' necks but might be too graphic
Actually want to try the mobile game so bad.

Though imo the only real bad part about the anime is how much it cuts off, fights can be decent
Dangit I'm too tired today. Gonna request this to be moved to Gen Discussion. I was looking at the revision thread and thought that it was the one that needed a sequel
Why does Agito have Social Influencing and Body Control? For the former, for one, inducing Fear is Fear Manip, and for another, Agito never induced the career-ending fear mid-fight. The reason fighters retire after fighting him is because of how utterly they were destroyed, making them question the worth of all their efforts and training.

And he shouldn't have Body Control at all. Tensing muscles is something anyone can do. You could argue that the hardness of the tensing is impossible IRL and treated as a technique, but still, it should just be listed as Damage Reduction.

Edit: Actually there's a lot of things that's misrepresented on Agito's profile. Gonna have to go through this.
why is this thread dead there's so much to talk about

We're finally entering the tournament arc of this tournament arc manga bois
Yeah, finally! I'm surprised that they picked Julius as their last gladiator. WHAT???? What is coming will be wild, too wild.
Well it does make sense why Togo wanted Julius instead of Muteba.

Muteba, for all of his awesomeness and efficiency, is still a merc at the end of the day. He'll throw the match if it poses a threat to his career or life. That's not something the Kengan Association can risk given their survival is on the line here. It'll make Togo look bad if her contestant drops out of the tournament last minute.

Julius is willing to put it all on the line to prove that the truly strong need no techniques. Plus, he's in the top 3 in terms of raw strength, so that a plus.
Yeah, you have a point there. I also liked the way everyone reacted to Ohma, I really was expecting that moment.
And the new Fang... Well, the guy for sure has something hidden.
Big dud on Purgatory looks like he might be a contender for strongest person in Kenganverse so far. In awe of the size of this lad.

I suspect he's gonna throw down with Julius, but knowing this author, who knows.
I dunno about strongest when Tatsuyoshi "''canonically stomps everyone in the KAT''" Tatsuya exists thanks to Fist of the Seeker.
Where did it say that a FotS character is the strongest in verse?
I heard that Sandrovich once said that Katsuya would always reach the finals of the KAT regardless of who he fought on the way there. So even if he fought Beard God in the first round, he'd still make it to the finals. And considering Katsuya kinda roflstomped the entire FotS cast, I can believe it.
I really hope Fist of the Seeker gets the One Punch Man treatment and Daromeon redraws the whole web comic while throwing in some nice filler.
Ye. It's got artwork that's somehow even shittier than the early chapters of the OPM webcomic tho, so...
FTL Kengan confirmed, take that supersonic naysayers

Carlos already coming in being compared to the Beard God. Looks like our boi Gaolong is in trouble.