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Boro should be upgraded to Small Town level+, likely higher and MHS+ speed, because he is superior to Ao, an outer member of the Kara organization.

Base Boruto, Base Kawaki, Sarada and maybe Mitsuki should also be upgraded to that level because they defeated Ao and fought Boro, their speed should also be MHS+.

Possessed Boruto should be Unknow for now
I agree with this. They fought Boro pretty consistently and Boro should be at the minimum stronger than Ao. Besides Boruto has been Chunin level even before becoming a genin so it's not all that unbelievable or contradictory. Sarada got a power up too in the form of 3 tomoe Sharingan and Raikiri. So it all really seems to line up quite nicely.
Boro is most probably dead. Sarada removed and destroyed his core, and then Boruto obliterated most of his body with a rasengan. I don't really see the point of keeping him at unknown when he's.... dead. He won't have more feats in the future, and he has plenty of feats against team 7 for us to formulate a rating for him IMO
Him being dead doesn't mean we have to give him a tier. Just like Urashiki he has too many inconsistencies to just give him a tier. I think he should remain unknown.
Statements don't usually get taken too seriously on this wiki when they're contradicting the feats, and the delta thing could be an outlier. Honestly I don't care too much about Boro lol(kind of a meh character imo) , but I feel like a statement and one feat vs. A few chapters worth of fighting against team 7. The balance should tip in favor of actual feats imo.
Well, but Ao is still MHS+ even after the revisions, team 7 still needs to be updated because they fought him