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Kamen Rider Den-O Stat Revisions

So, currently, Den-O and Zeronos’ Tiers are “8-A, 7-B with finishers”. I have two problems with this, the first being that several riders before had their stats determined by their finishers. My second problem is that we actually see these characters reacting to their own finishers. During the final fight between the Death Imagin (1:50 - 2:30), Den-O and Co were not only able to block the Hissastu but also amp it as it went through the group. Sieg even was able to deflect it with his bare hands after it was amped by the entire group.

So I propose we give Den-O and Zeronos tier 7-B

This one is pretty straight forward, the only reason why Den-O is FTL is due to the fact that he fought against Decade. Those events aren’t cannon to the main timeline Den-O. So due that fact, we should remove the FTL rating.


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Yeah, finishers only have separate ratings for specific situations and Den-O Riders should just straight up scale to their finishers. I agree. Same goes for speed
This should be good to upload now since Lon had agreed with it. Could someone upload it for me, I can’t really edit things well on a phone.