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I'm not sure if I can agree with the new calc's results

The calc assumes that the Earth is the same size as our's which in a previous calc was found to be NOT!! And taking this into consideration I think it would be a good idea to found out the real diameter of Earth in Chrono Trigger.
Our standards have changed. We don't calc planet sizes unless they're outright stated to not be the same size as Earth. As such we will always assume a planet is Earth sized unless staged otherwise.
But it is obvious that the World in Chrono Trigger is not our Earth, I mean none of the land structures match ours and their civilization is much more advanced that our's in antiquity and 1999. I mean gravity of different planets in video games is different than so it would imply the planet is a different size or mass no less.
Earth in One Piece doesn't have the same continents and yet we still treat it as Earth sized.
If there's no implication story wise that the planet is bigger (no, fucky map scaling is not a story implication) then we aren't going to scale with maps and shit to try and get planets to be large.
Hagane no Saiyajin said:
The calc assumes that the Earth is the same size as our's which in a previous calc was found to be NOT!!
literally when
Previously when the characters were 5-A it was found that Death Mountain in the game was the size of the Moon, THE SIZE OF THE MOON!! Or was it the Black Omen, I can't quite remember.

Anyway if a mountain of that size truly exists in the game then it would mean that the whole entire planet is much, MUCH LARGER THAN OUR'S!
you do realize that was scaling from the planet itself size, to get that number, right

To say that the thing is moon sized from a comparison to the planet to say the planet is bigger to thereby say the mountain must be bigger and the planet must be bigger and the mountain must be bigger...

Besides said calc was yeeted because of said fact being utterly dumb
No proof it's a real black hole and consider the fact that a bunch of 6-B blasts utterly forked the party
But Magus is listed for Black Hole creation, and for a Black Hole of that size any mass added to it would have little effect on its size, and that overhead shot does make it hard to tell. And it does attract enemies into to. Also the chance factor of it I can assume is just the mechanics of the game. The developers don't want it to be easy for the player to constantly getting the enemies pulled in. Although why don't any of your team get pulled is similar to what is said before, although I can also assume Magus is able to place anti-gravity on any of the team members in the area of the black hole.