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I'm bored. I need chaos

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Well oryx is 4, possibly 5 with taking just being 1 higher
After looking into their profiles for a unhealthy amount of time i came to a conclusion that Lord English might take this

Both Oryx and Lord English resist the shit out of every ability they throw at each other but what makes lord english stand out is that he can byppass oryx's immortality and his regen while oryx can't

So my vote goes to lord english
Oryx can bypass it though. Taking is a form of incapacitation, not killing. There's also the fact that Caliborn doesn't resist law manipulation, which screws him over.

Anyway this fight is a mismatch either way. If both are at the same dimensional level Caliborn gets destroyed by passives and if they're not on the same level Oryx gets destroyed by passives (I think? As far as I know Type 5 Acausality doesn't protect against hax from a being of a higher dimension than your own).
Lord passives affected beings with type 5 Acausality tho, and they're 5D too
Also how does Oryx law manip work? From what I'm seeing it's more a counter effect of another ability.
The passive attribute is just passively destroying enemies and making them into things like "lesser than me", "broken" or "powerless".
Not open for further replies.