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If mutants existed today as the world would receive.

I have had this question for a while, if people found out that 20% of the human population today become mutants, overnight, like the mutants of x-men, how do you think people, countries, religions and governments would behave .

With details, like how people would react, be afraid and prejudiced or accept in a good way, would be hunted or worshiped by religions, countries would use them as weapons or help them fit into society, governments vary inhumane experiments or try to protect them and help them with new problems.

And I speak of something global with China, Japan, the United States, Brazil, Korea, Germany, India, Russia, Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, France, Poland, England, Spain, Africa and all the other countries in the world.

How human rights would change, new laws would be born, and how the world would change from now on.
People today can't accept homossexuals or black skin people. I don't think they would accept mutants
Pretty sure this'll go down the same way as it basically did in My Hero Academia. Decades of warring for human rights, years of coming up with laws, adjusting them as time passes, and eventually, either everything descends into power-hungry anarchy, mutants become the new arms race, or everyone with a mutation creates a profession out of it - possibly superheroism.