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How and when is an attack... Durability Negation

I know it ain't good to go around askin' questions like this and who knows what else from there but,

yeah, like the title, how and when is an attack... DN when it was never specified what type of attack it is. E.g, what the type of attack is never specified and isn't any from the Durability Negation page or Magic. I know this is a real stupid quesion but I'd just like to know. Maybe someone else could help with what I'm trying to send here because I'm not quite, working properly right now.

It's possible I just got a terrible case of stupidity though, yeah, that thing strikes at random. If it's okay, just close the thread after 5 replies or so, this... Isn't important anyways.
DN doesn't focus on destruction but more on how can the attacks kill a person like say I can destroy the atoms of a multiversal being in all existance and erase its existance even though I would normally can attack only do like building level damage