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Warden Durability Negation removal

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So I was looking down the Homelander losses (and actually removed one for using a nonexistent character key) and noticed the Minecraft Warden one was based off the sound attacks negating durability. This shouldn't really be the case, and not just because Homelander's own feat is an explosion which is just a production of the exact same type of attack. The durability negation stems from how the sound ignores Steve's armor, but sound just does that to begin with. Gear built for shock absorption and pressure changes is not the same as your standard suit of plate armor, and Steve's durability only comes from armor to begin with. We don't list everyone who uses shockwaves and explosions as having durability negation for the pressure differential stuff, so it doesn't seem correct to be doing that here.
Yes as listed in the page of things
Doing something that result to another thing isn't "That thing"
So stabbing someone with knife which will kill him isn't death manipulation
The same goes to this
The shockwave/vibration manipulation is just a cause and the result of it is effect that's all
I'll remove it on 3/18 provided there's no sudden dissent
Not open for further replies.