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HNK overall discussion about the canons of HNK and its gaiden and use on profile

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VS Battles
Alright I would like to discuss and propose some things. I will like to use the moves and feats of the five gaiden spinoffs of the HNK mangas, I will be explaining my reasonings in detail why these mangas are canon and justifiable and all others performed in their separate gaidens can be used for the HNK profiles, alright let's get started.

Now I know the first question many will say is "Grudge you can't can't use these feats or moves from these mangas because they must be non canon"? The answer is a no and hears my evidence, Let's start with a good example. There is a gaiden series revolving around the life of Raoh called "Ten no Haoh" it was published By Weekly comic Bunch and was in fact written by both authors of the Main HNK Testsuo hara and Buronson and illustrated by another artist yokow. Here's a link for proof (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legends_of_the_Dark_King).

Now many of you are probably thinking "Okay Grudge maybe this gaiden is canon since the original author wrote it but how does this translate to the other gaidens like Jagis, Juuza or the others being canon?".

Let me explain. If you look up all five gaidens (Ryuken, Jagi, Raoh, Toki, Juuza), they were all published by the same company Weekly Comic Bunch now here's a little history on it (this a direct quote from the weekly comic bunch Wikipedia history).

"In 2000, Nobuhiko Horie, former editor-in-chief of Weekly shonen Jump, along with former Jump authors who worked under Horie such as Tetsuo Hara and Tsukasa Hojo, founded the manga editing company Coamix, with Shinchōsha acting as their business partner".

As you can see Tetsuo Hara is a co-founder and worker of weekly Comix bunch and was in charge along with a little help from Buronson of the supervision of the HNK spin offs. So in turn: None of the spin offs of the mangas could have been green lit without them supervising and approving which they were and even wrote one themselves in fact. Another proof that these comics are not just cheap knockoffs or non canon is their story themselves. Every gaiden is the background story of each individual character (ie: Raoh's beginning, the flashback of Jagis dark past, etc.). None of these gaiden stories take different turns and become their own from the original manga but in fact coexist perfectly within the timeline.

Don't believe me well yet, well here's good example for my case is something everyone knows, Dragon ball GT. It was not written by Toriyama but by the toei staff. However, some of it was supervised by Akira Toriyama and designed too, and was deemed canon for a very long time (before it was by WOG himself deemed non canon when DBS was announced). This is almost exactly like my evidence and proposition and it follows very well this wikis definition of canon or more specific secondary canon.

So in conclusion is the gaidens are as I proposed canon or more specifically at the very least secondary canon. Because

-One: Each gaiden was supervised by the Main Writers specifically Tetsuo Hara since one was written by them and the other published by their company.

-Second: None of the gaidens over lap the original manga and stay perfectly in line with it and in fact answer questions left unanswered from the Main HNK manga.

And I would like permission for others to use moves,feats from these stories for the profiles of HNK and be able to calc said feats. If their is any question I you have please feel free to ask and I will answer them accordingly. Thank you.
GT is no longer considered canon, it is only here by virtue of it being large and notable.

I don't see why you can't use them if they don't contradict anything in series.
Alakabamm said:
GT is no longer considered canon, it is only here by virtue of it being large and notable.

I don't see why you can't use them if they don't contradict anything in series.
I know I wrote that I'm giving an example of it before it was considered non canon if read my little note on it. It was the best known example I had at the time. Thank you that's one Admin that agreed
I agree with it being used as secondary canon, but I don't know enough about the series to properly judge.
Darkanine said:
I agree with it being used as secondary canon, but I don't know enough about the series to properly judge.
I can assure you I have read all of them and each one does not take its own route and follows the HNK timeline. Raoh's ten no Haoh follows Raoh adventure before it leads to him being introduced in the og manga. Jagis talks about his sinister and dark past before showing us his final breaths in life. Toki show us what he's doing before he was caught in the blast that ended his successor ship.same with juuza and how his life was before the blast and where it led to. Reis gaiden is his adventure before meeting with Kenshiro and even foreshadows it in the gaiden. Trust me when I say it's all justifiable and usable
I think that this seems to make sense.
I say this is reasonable and agree to it. The gaidens from what i've read about them are backstories that talk about few of the characters adventage prior to the main HnK storyline.

Since they line up to there, i don't see why they can't be used for this like what Alakabamm mentioned above.
4 admins and some users. Hmm, i think it's alright enough to close this.

In case a member of staff wants to voice out their thoughts here, you can reopen it later if only that happens so....
Not open for further replies.