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Hisoka Morrow vs Silva Zoldyck

Silva > Razor who hard counters Bungee Gum through strength.

Hisoka is around Illumi level, if a bit above and Silva is likely stronger than that.
Silva > Razor who hard counters Bungee Gum through strength.

Hisoka is around Illumi level, if a bit above and Silva is likely stronger than that.
Don't think there's ever any direct statement that Silva is stronger than Razor. I'd like more proof of this. I also think the gap in strength is small and rather negligible, considering Hisoka was able to fight against Chrollo with a massive disadvantage, who himself was capable of fighting both Silva and Zeno at the same time without intending to kill them.
Silva without implications and stuff is hard to scale. Hype wise and being the head of the Zoldyck family wise he should be above Razor. He's a highly skilled, trained assassin who is likely stronger than Illumi who is relative to Hisoka. Hisoka rated him at 95 and if he was rating them out of 100, Silva would be above that.

Hisoka did not fight well against Chrollo at all, I think he only hit him once the entire fight, but yes he was heavily disadvantaged.

I think Hisoka could win, since this is HxH and power scaling isn't as black and white as other series but I think Silva would take it more often than not.

I vote for Silva
Silva was able to kill a member of the Phantom Troupe some years before the start of the manga. When he told his son about this story, he wasn't injured so event if the fight was hard i think he's a "league" above them.
Hisoka is probably about Feitan's level, the top of the Phantom Troupe but i think he's not enough to beat Silva.

+1 Silva.
Because Chrollo wanted to be close to "100% certain of his victory"

It's arguable unprepped Chrollo could still beat Hisoka more often than not
Silva is clearly bellow chrollo , hisoka fought an stronger version of chrollo and while he did get stomped due to chrollo having prep time ,in the few moments that fight became just a raw power / physical match hisoka clearly had the advantage
I mean Razor was able to damage Hisoka arm with a ball throw Hisoka used Bumgee gum along with Gyo to block it and still had 2 of his fingers broken

Razor can't throw at full power when he uses aura to create the 14 devils and the throw was not even done by Razor but by one of the devils which as way less strength than a nerf Razor

Silva Explosive orbs > nerf Razor ball throw Razor best feat was blowing up a boat the spiders came on Silva made a whole building shake with his orbs if Silva can hit Hisoka with the orbs Hisoka going to be a world of hurt

Really I think this match up is to soon to call we really don't know enough about Silva abilities we only ever saw him use his nen ability one time compared to Hisoka and we don't know how the fight between Chrollo and Silva went so I don't think we can say for sure if Chrollo is stronger than him when their one on one fight was off screen all we know is that both came out of the fight alive and that Silva said Chrollo is stronger then when they last fought when they met at Yorknew

Still Silva should have all the assassin skills Killua showed like
Rhythm echo
Assassin mode
Silent Gaits
Snake awakens
and should be able to use all of them to a much higher level since Killua said he could tear someone heart out without any blood coming out

I'll give my vote for Silva Razor showed that with enough strength you can get passed Bumgee gum and I think Silva assassin skills and raw power will give him the edge
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I think I'll vote for Silva due to the variety of techniques he has at his disposal, including all of Killua's assassination techniques mastered to a higher degree, the fact he already killed a Phantom Troupe member before and he's fought Chrollo twice without sustaining injuries either time. It'd probably be a very difficult fight and he's likely sustain serious injuries, but he'd still win.