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High 8-C Tournament (Round 1, Match 3) Fluffy VS Henry Stickmin

The worst is what's to happen. Fluffy is far smarter. Better in range or melee. Far more skilled. Basically on par physically. Fluffy relative ease. He handles anything Henry has with his skill and intelligence
Would have to specifically activate them. Intangibility lasts a few seconds. His shield doesn't help cause he has to actually get close to fight.
Fluffy FRA

NExt round shoudl be made after 24 hours if there's no other votes for the opposing side or if everyone agrees one side wins immediately
GoldenScorpions said:
What about his mind manipulation?
That requires time to activate, which leaves him open for attack. As well. Doesn't really do much. He can move fluffy around, but he can't move himself and can only move once he lets go of control. And regardless. ROBO B3ARS handle that. Henry can grab Fluffy, but the ROBOs gun or beat him down while he is incapable of moving
Hey so for the sake of the tournament are we assuming Fluffy has his robobears or are we not? Having like six or seven other guys fight alongside you seems a bit cheap
He should have some. Would be wrong to limit his robots since they are standard, and he is going against people who can summon help, have mid regen, or other stuff
Eeeeh I guess? I feel like that should be case by case. Or at least like, only give him one or two and not like six which is what his profile sorta implies