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High 8-C (Round 1, Match 4) Bernadine VS General Blue

General Blue has the AP/Durability advantage by a 1.86x gap

  • Bernadine - 2 Tons (Baseline as there's no specific number for her Attack Potency)
  • General Blue - 3.72 Tons
General Blue also has the Range advantage

  • Bernadine - Several to ten meters
  • General Blue - Standard melee range. Tens of meters with his abilities
Bernadine has the versatility advantage

  • Bernadine - Darkness Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Energy Projection, Flight, Teleportation, Body Control (Can control her severed heads and make them attack), can create harmful shockwaves by slamming the ground, can survive without her head attached, Limited Regenerationn (Mid, can pop her head off and regenerate a new one)
  • General Blue - Paralyzing Telekinesis (Can induce paralysis in others by looking into their eyes), can control objects such as ropes telekinetically, master of Martial Arts
Well, they'll be separated by tens of meters so even if General Blue will induce paralysis to Bernadine, she should be able to recover by the time it takes for him leap through the distance. Although if he does get close, he could probably combo her since he's a master of Martial Arts, well that's implying if she doesn't decide to Teleport or use her Flight the moment he gets close; paralysis could be a game changer though so she won't be able to escape

I don't know any of them so I'm just basing my arguments by using what has been provided on their Profiles; we need inputs from the Supporters
Bernadine is actually 3.1 tons, so she's not baseline. She scales from Chelshia. So the AP difference is 1.2X

I think that if she were to ever get paralyzed she could just teleport away from him, assuming it doesn't...you know, stop teleportation or anything along those lines. Beating her is going to be difficult with her regen, even though it's a bit limited. Even then the more he beats on her the more extra heads she's going to summon to help her in combat. He's going to need to beat her I think three times while she only needs to beat him once.

And to be honest she's going to abuse her flight and I don't think it'd take long to notice that looking him in the eyes makes her paralyzed. She's got good advantages going for her by flying to a point he can't really reach and firing down energy from above. Hell she could make the world around her dark to make sure eye contact is harder to achieve.
I think it depends on how long the paralysis lasts. But since it doesn't seem like the paralysis prevents using powers, Bernadine could easily teleport herself away from Blue until she recovers (assuming her teleportation doesn't require her to make body movements)
It doesn't. She just does it. And I think it only takes effect with eye contact. I see no reason why she can't just teleport out of it
I think Bernadine's regen and versatility should give her the win although it would be with extreme difficulty due to Blue's intelligence
That's what I was thinking. Bernadine's sheer versatility and regen should give her the win. Her teleportation alone screws up a lot of the things Blue can do.